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The famous life-changing journey in 8 modules. Create a totally new vision for yourself. Starts in 2024.

Part 1

By experiencing the opposites, the polarities, you see clearly how male and female energies can take...

Dimensions of Being 2

A poetic state of health.
A playful meeting with your own expression. Welcome to three days of deep and joyful exploration...


Through being aware of your own breathing, you learn how to help your client achieving an...
Five days of fun, workshops and many meditations with live music.

Training for Transformation 1

Experience the transformative power of conscious breathing: liberate yourself from trauma, and reconnect with pleasure.


Learn how to work with and enhance the body’s natural fluidity. Your body is 70% water...
Befriend your mind and watch it with great friendliness. By becoming alert, the mind stops chattering...

Training for Transformation 2

Dive deep into your unique body type, uncover its story, and learn the tools to heal,...

Dimensions of Being 3

Recognising and standing in your authenticity. Claiming your place on this planet.
By being in a loving environment with others, we are creating an energy field where you...

Training for Transformation 3

Dive deep into your past, uncover and heal the wounds of your childhood, and connect, once...

Dimensions of Being 4

Deep intimacy with your essential nature. Becoming a fully integrated individual

Training for Transformation 4

Discover the transformative power of embracing your inner teenager, bringing back a future of boundless...
Living at the Maximum

Training for Transformation 5

The power to change everything through dance, love and presence. Bringing meditation into daily life...
A journey of integration and discovery of your potential

Training for Transformation 6

Take a look at what are the barriers that obstruct your ability to flow freely, and...

Training for Transformation 7

Gain a deeper understanding of love, meet Tantra’s wisdom, and cultivate a profound connection with yourself...

Training for Transformation 8

Unless you are ready to die, to let go of the unimportant, you will not be...

Dimensions of Being 6

A celebration of this
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Dimensions of Being

A unique training to open up to the mystery of who you are.