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The daily structure of the meditation field is what can make the difference in our lives and we invite you to experience our way of living.

Daily program osho risk

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This 5 stage morning meditation is a fast & intense way to break old, ingrained patterns in the body-mind and to experience the freedom, witnessing, silence & peace that are hidden behind these patterns. For more information click here.

The most widespread form of meditation. We just sit, close our eyes and watch. And there are so many things to watch, inside and outside us. For more infomation click here.

During courses we have breakfast served at the dinning room, outside courses we go in the kitchen and make our own. 

Lunch is served every day and usually also friends from the Buddhafield around show up. This is a moment for us all to get together and share. Find out more about our food here.

This 4 part meditation is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day. Starting with shaking and dancing , it helps our energy to flow and be transformed into bliss and joy, before moving into silence. For more information click here.

Dinner is served every day for 30 minutes, finishing before the Evening Meeting meditation. Find out more about our food here.

The Evening Meditation is when everyone come together to dance, celebrate and sit in silence while Osho talks. The more totality that is brought to the celebration, the deeper the silence goes. For more information click here.

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A unique training to open up to the mystery of who you are.