About Osho Risk

We are a meditation and therapy center inspired by Osho, whose vision is to make meditation accessible to everyone.

A supportive space for exploring yourself

We offer a safe and nourishing environment where you can simply take space to grow.

Your second home, where you can just be yourself

Osho Risk offers you a space to take a break from your everyday life and get in touch with yourself. At the same time you  experience yourself through the interactions with others. It is an ongoing play where you can learn a lot about yourself.

osho risk community relaxing on the couch
Active meditation at osho risk

Experiment with different meditation techniques

One of the unique aspects at Osho Risk is the daily active meditations.  We offer three meditations every day: Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation and Evening Meditation with a discourse from Osho.

Dive deeper into yourself in our workshops and trainings

This combination of meditation and therapy is unique to Osho’s approach: Meditation deepens our presence and helps us integrate what happened during the course or the day.

Trainings and workshops osho risk
dancing at mandir, osho risk

A place for silence and celebration

The meditations are one important aspect of life here.
But there is plenty of time left for dance, celebration, laughter and sharing your joy with others.
Above all, we share a climate where we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

We are a non profit community maintained by volunteers

Osho Risk is a not for profit retreat centre, maintained by a community of people living onsite and nearby.
We value our own growth and inner maturity and enjoy sharing this with our guests. Our focus is on awareness, inner silence and joy.

osho risk non profit volunteers
"Being at Osho Risk was like coming home to a family I didn’t know I had. A place where life is celebrated."
Connor testimonial osho risk

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Dimensions of Being

A unique training to open up to the mystery of who you are.