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Training For Transformation

A NEW life-changing journey starting in 2024.

Upcoming events

Become who you really want to be, in a safe space and with the help of experienced facilitators.

A playful meeting with your own expression. Welcome to three days of deep and joyful exploration of...

Other ways of staying at Osho Risk

Apart from booking a workshop or a training, there are other ways for you to be part here at Risk.

You can simply stay as a guest and participate in whatever way that suits you. It’s up to you.

If you need time to rest and wind down, this is for you. We will tailor a program specifically for you.

As a worker you participate in the daily meditations and take part in the daily work activities.

See what makes the Osho Risk community unique

Osho Risk gives you many possibilities to make your time here an extraordinary experience.

Your second home

A sense of warmth and kindness makes Risk everyone's home.

A place to be yourself

Feel loved and accepted as you are with new friends.

Spend time in nature

The countryside, forests, and lakes rest just at our doorstep inviting you.

"Osho Risk is wonderful. Here I have experienced some of my most precious moments of joy, love, fun, silence, gratefulness. Pure bliss. And I have been challenged to see my mind, all inclusive. And to feel all that I contain. Not always easy. But I have never looked for loving friends in vain."

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Dimensions of Being

A unique training to open up to the mystery of who you are.