For the last 40 years she has been sharing and teaching in open formats, Teachers Trainings, and individual sessions.

My life tapestry includes being guided to Osho in 1977 in India, and then working throughout the Ranch as a therapist in open formats, Teachers Trainings, energy balancing and individual sessions. He began the opening that continues to this day.

For 20 years my focus included the Diamondlogos Academy in Denmark and other European countries as a primary Senior Teacher and the European Teachers in Training guide for many of those years. It is an inquiry based self revealing that stabilises the elements of what is true and essential in us.

I consider it an honour as well as an art, to walk with individuals unfolding to the beauty and uniqueness of Being.  

The last 6 years has been most often in contemplation and mysticism resulting in the flow of much poetry and inspiration for working in Spirit and Divine Love.

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