Nirvi Bennich

Nirvi loves to connect and to be creative with the client, ​​so that resources and new tools can be found to support their essence.

Nirvi has been working with Art Therapy since 1991. She has a 4 year Art Therapy Education and has also trained with Japanese Artist Meera, undertaking 3 long trainings with her as well as assisting on many of her groups over the past 10 years.

She holds regular groups in art therapy, painting and mediation at Osho Risk and all over Scandinavia. She has trained with Sagapriya in Star Sapphire work, as well as taking Psychic Massage Training with Sumito and has been practising Hawaiian Massage for more than 20 years.

Nirvi is a member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association – Dansk Psykoterapiforening (MPF) and is also trained in Trauma Work. She regularly gives sessions at Osho Risk and also has her own practice in Vejle.

More information about her work can be found on her website –

Available sessions with Nirvi Bennich

This energy work method supports the inner essence of a person which is like a presence, a luminosity or an awareness of the present moment. Star Sapphire intervenes in three important areas of life: work, relationship and meditation. Work, when it arises from relaxation, is an expression of creativity. If both the male and female sides are creative, they will be happy together and their love will be reflected in the outer relationship as well. Meditation is the milieu, the relaxed watchfulness, within which creativity arises. Star Sapphire treats the three areas as an interdependent circle and repairs any broken link in one area that is causing suffering in the other two.

Session price: 1.5 – 2 hr session – 700 DKK

To use creativity in a playful way, to have a deeper look and a mirroring of where you are in this moment, working with both the conscious and the unconscious. This session can also be a tool to come more in contact with your creativity.

Session price: 1.25 hr session – 600 DKK

Hawaiian Massage is a massage form and a ritual from the ancient Hawaii, with lots of oils and music. It is relaxing as well as letting you enjoy the senses and coming in contact with your body.

Session price: 1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

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