Jivan Anni May

These sessions are now a kind of love affair. The healing energy is going through both the client and me.

Jivan has been a bodyworker for over 30 years and has been trained in many different techniques, including Reiki 1 & 2, Psychic Massage, Traditional Ayurvedic Massage, Body Awareness, Pulsation, Sexuality, and Meditation and Body Awareness. She has also studied psychology.

She previously had her own clinic in Odense, providing individual sessions and meditation classes and she has many years of experience as a meditation and course leader in Denmark, including at Osho Risk.

Jivan now gives sessions both in Risk and in her private practice. She also teaches relaxation and mindfulness at the Sport and Fitness Center in Brædstrup, as well as coordinating and leading meditations at Osho Risk.

Available sessions with Jivan Anni May

This session starts with a short guided meditation to tune in to your body right now, followed by a sharing. The massage is an intuitive whole body treatment with oil which enhances blood circulation and supports detoxification. In the massage, Jivan uses strokes, holding, rocking carrying and stretching. The healing pressure of the massage releases toxic tensions and pains. Jivan’s caring touch and conscious hands help you to feel so safe and protected, that you can surrender and let go. It is a very deep meditative relaxation.

Session price: 1.5 hr – 600 Dkr

After a short tuning in to your issue or intention, you will receive the caring, warm, healing energy of the universe channeled through the healer’s hands. This will help you to let go of tensions, stresses and physical pains. Sometimes the body will release a shaking or tears, sometimes bliss and emptiness is felt. New or deeper insights and a feeling of one with the universal power of love can appear. ​For this session you will remain clothed.

Session price: 1.25 hr – 450 Dkr

After sitting together and tuning in, Jivan will guide you into the here and now. Together you will explore what you want and how to connect you more and more to the feelings in your body. These feelings may be from your childhood or may be more focused on your sexuality and you will explore what is held back in your body. The techniques which Jivan uses include counselling, gestalt work, chakra release, inner child work and massage. You will freely follow your energy to feel and have new insights, so that you can experience healing.

Session price: 1.5 hr – 600 Dkr

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