I offer a a space where your body and mind can come to a deep rest and peace and thereby giving healing to Body and Soul.

Harisharan has worked as a psychologist and as a lecturer in group dynamics. He has practiced Osho´s meditations since he became a sannyasin in 1978. At Osho Risk he gives meditation counselling and Reiki sessions, and is one of the facilitators of the Essence Training. He is also a jazz musician and has performed for many years on the international jazz scene.

Available sessions with Harisharan

This Reiki is for you who would like a deep relaxation of both body and mind. Soft touch. Loose clothing is recommended.

Session price: 1 hr session – 500 DKK

The sound and vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used since ancient times to relax body and mind and to open up for a deeper connection with our soul.

Session price: 1 hr session – 500 DKK

Meditation Counselling is to support you to go beyond mind in your meditation. There are many ways to get lost and stuck where one ends up in situations where it is actually the mind that is trying to meditate. This is an opportunity for you to reach deeper dimensions in your meditation.

Session price: 1.5 hr session – 500 DKK

Would you like to book a session with​ Harisharan?

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