Dheera Sigg

The moment I am with a client during a session is a moment of pure presence. That’s all there is, and a deep space of silence is created in me. I feel blessed and privileged to share this everywhere I go. After each session there is a palpable sense of joy, connection and relaxation.

Here-Now body work is a tailored session for the clients needs at the moment, a mix of all the techniques I’ve learned. I have 10 years of experience as a bodyworker.

After years working with arts and drawing human figures, I first experienced bodywork and breath work in 2010. A whole new world opened up combining the visual aid I gathered for years with the experiential feeling in my own body and by touching others. The teachers started to appear in my path, each new approach enhancing the one before. After working with the vastness of the body for the past 10 years, I’m still amazed by it. Each session is unique and a delight for me to share with my clients.

I am trained in:

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training (basic and advanced, pregnant women) – 2010 to 2015. After being trained by my Teacher Ma Bodhigita, I followed her assisting and refreshing my skills, also working in producing her training for 4 years.

Arun – Conscious Touch – 2014-2017. I was trained by its creator, Anubuddha. I did the two part training in Brazil and refreshed my skills by joining the Arun

Thai Massage training in Holland in 2017. From 2015-2019 I lived and worked in Amsterdam, being a body worker in 5 stars Hotels and spas, and as a benefit I was instructed and certified in Deep tissue, myofascial release and sports massage with ongoing supervision by the company I was recruited for, Kentui – NL.

I have training and experience with OPH- Prana Healing, an energy work developed by Upadhi Maggi, one of its creators. I also have specialized training in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage for pregnant women (2013). I am also a certified Osho Rebirthing facilitator (2012). Besides that, I work translating groups in experiential human development like Tantra and Primal. I have lived in Osho commune since 2012. My life changed after meeting Osho and becoming a sannyasin. I feel that now I live with more authenticity and truth.

Available sessions with Dheera Sigg

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is an Indian technique given on the floor, it combines the deep stretches from Ayurvedic massage with assisted stretches from yoga (asanas). Together with the breathing, this technique can release the tightness of the body and open it up like a flower.

Session price: 1 hour 500 DKK / 1,5 hour 700 DKK

Arun – Conscious Touch is an all inclusive interactive meditation that has a vast array of touching techniques from western and eastern influences. Both therapist and client share the space of presence, feeling the body as a whole.

Session price: 1 hour 500 DKK / 1,5 hour 700 DKK

Deep tissue works with muscles, reaching the deep layers of connective and muscular tissues. We work with deep strokes and deep finger pressure.

Session price: 1 hour 500 DKK / 1,5 hour 700 DKK

Myofascial Release focuses on the fascia, the tissue that holds all the organs, muscles and articulations in the body. It’s a low pace massage, and can release the tightness that causes muscle restriction, it improves blood circulation and lymphatic circulation as well.

Session price: 1 hour 500 DKK / 1,5 hour 700 DKK

Sports massage is used for specific muscle groups that need care due to actual current pain from physical exercise, like legs, back, neck, shoulders, arms, etc.

Session price: 1 hour 500 DKK / 1,5 hour 700 DKK

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