Anjee Gitte Carlsen

I really appreciate the meetings I have with my clients and feel a deep satisfaction if my work can help people get more in contact with their true self and living a more light and joyful life.

Anjee is a psychotherapist and teacher with over 30 years of professional experience and member of the Association of Danish Psychotherapists (FadP). Anjee has also completed both Essence & Advanced Essence Trainings, Training in Non-Violent Communication, Inner Child Training and she has also been trained by Faisal in Diamond Work.

She gives individual sessions and leads group processes both at Osho Risk and in her own private practice.

Anjee has worked at Osho Risk since its beginning, being an integral part of the therapy program and management team. More information about her work can be found on her website –

Available sessions with Anjee Gitte Carlsen

A counselling session can be a way to get more clarity around different issues in your life and a help to get more in contact with your inner resources such as strength, joy, peace, compassion etc. According to the situation, Anjee uses techniques from Essence work, Inner Child work, Voice Dialogue, emotional release or inquiry. ​

Session price: 1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

An Inner Child session can be a help to recognize more easily and take care of feelings and patterns coming from our upbringing, like low self-esteem, guilt, shame, fear and jealousy. By being able to care for your inner child, you will be able to navigate in the world in a much lighter and joyful way, and at the same time creating more healthy relationships. ​

Session price:

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

In a Couple session, you will together look closer at the dynamic happening between the partners. You will get tools to communicate in a way where you can listen to each other and talk about “problems” without nagging and blaming. You will be able to see where projections and expectations are in the way for the love to unfold more. You can also get support for getting an easier flow in the sexuality, and how different tantric exercises can create a bridge between sex, love and meditation. ​

Session price:

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

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