Tarika and Anam

Tarika Glubin, MA Tarika has a Master’s degree in Psychology and has spent the better part of the last 40+ years helping people to enhance their quality of life.
Anam Tarika Guatama

Tarika Glubin, MA: Tarika has a Master’s degree in psychology and has spent the better part of the last 40+ years helping people to enhance their quality of life.

She calls herself an Osho Therapist because the primary inspiration for her work comes from the Enlightened Mystic Osho. Her work combines meditation techniques with various therapeutic modalities. Her greatest joy is watching people learn to love themselves.

Tarika’s background includes facilitating the Freedom Process(AFH) for many years as well as much loved courses such as Rebellious Spirit, Opening to Self Love, Osho Therapist: To the Heart of the Matter and several other processes which she had a hand in creating and developing.

In her search for deeper understanding, she created the Transessence Technique (a tool for essential living) which she shares with individuals and groups around the world.

Anam brings a wealth of experience to his work with people. He has been sharing for the last 40 years all of what has been influential in his own journey.

His expertise includes Primal therapy, BioEnergetics, Encounter, Emotional Release, Awareness Intensive (Who Am I) and Osho Active Meditations.

Being born in Sri Lanka and educated in England, Anam has a very strong personal understanding about diversity and easily translates this to his work in many different cultural arenas.

Anam presently lives in Hamburg, Germany. He splits his working time between courses in many locations and his co-directorship of People in Process( a management organization).

Among the many things that Anam feels passionate about the first and foremost is his role as father. He is now the proud grandfather of two gorgeous grandchildren.

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