Sananda has been working with people since 2006, first through social counselling and later with Zen Coaching, therapy, and massage.
Sananda Anu Eveliina

Sananda has been on the spiritual path since her childhood, when growing up in the deep forests of Finland. She brings the gifts of silence, clarity, and sensitivity to share with others. 

She loves to explore the mysteries of life through inquiry, meditation, movement and sharing, and is always curious about what is really True. Connecting with nature as a pathway to the inner depths has always been essential in her life.

Sananda has been through many different trainings and courses during the past 10 years (e.g. Zen Coaching, Bio-dynamic Rebalancing, Essence work), while originally holds a B.A. in Social counselling. 

You will find her at Osho Risk, where she currently lives and works in the reception and administration. 

Upcoming events with Sananda

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Dimensions of Being

A unique training to open up to the mystery of who you are.