Staying with Us

We offer both single and shared rooms, with accommodation for up to 35 guests. All rooms come with bed linen, towels and shared bathroom facilities. We also have double rooms available for couples who wish to share a private room. The prices per day include both food (vegetarian) and accommodation.

Single Rooms


Prices per day

For guests during groups: Single: 480 – 630 Dkk 

Couples: 455 – 555 Dkk per person

For guests, outside groups: Single: 425 – 575 Dkk 

Couples: 400 – 500 Dkk per person

Shared Rooms


Prices per day

For guests during groups: 380 Dkk


For guests outside groups: 325 Dkk

All prices include food, bed linen & towel. With shared bathroom.


Fresh Vegetarian Food, Cooked with Love

We serve delicious vegetarian food every day, using organic ingredients and fresh food from our garden wherever possible.  We also offer a gluten free and dairy free food option with all meals.  Our meals are cooked by our regular and visiting international chefs, giving us a wonderful taste of the world.


Osho Risk
Bøgballevej 3
Braedstrup 8740 




(+45) 7575 2500

Reception hours:  

Monday, Thursday and Saturday

16.00 – 18.00

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