​Join the Commune Living Program ​at Osho Risk

Experience work as meditation and have a taste of commune living, by joining people from around the world in our popular Commune Living Program. It is a way to explore how you approach life and finding new ways to bring meditation into how you live and work.
When you can bring more consciousness to work, your perspective changes. It's not about 'what' you do, but 'how' you do it. By being alert and present, here and now, it is possible to experience work as a way of being in tune with life and in harmony with others. The work here is varied, but relaxed and contributes to all areas of running the commune. This could be cleaning rooms, working in the kitchen or garden and more. Be ready to jump in!


The Program:


Join the program for a period lasting anywhere from three weeks up to three months.


Work for only four hours per day.


Participate in our three daily Active Meditations.


Attend our weekly sharing meeting for workers.


Have a personal talk with a member of Risk staff, on request.


Our Commune Living Program gives:


A way for you to bring more awareness to daily tasks.


An opportunity for you to work with people in a friendly and relaxed way.


A playful approach to ordinary activities like cooking, cleaning, gardening and general maintenance.


A way to take meditation with you, back into your own work.

Commune Living Program Price 

125 Dkk (17 €) per day for the first month, including shared accommodation & food. 

Then 100 Dkk (14 €) per day after the first month.

*For people aged 18 -28, who would struggle to fund a stay, 

it is now possible to join our Program on a scholarship basis.  

Find out more here: 





We are looking for people who: 


Love meditation 


– Are interested in the work of OSHO



– Are conscientious and able to take responsibility for different working tasks 



– Are willing to jump in with a positive attitude and work wherever they are needed 



– Are 18 – 28 years old


If this sounds like you, apply for your place now!

Osho Risk has been a non-profit organisation since our beginning in 1986. The day to day work of running the commune and supporting our workshops and training is done by volunteers.

This means that we are able to set course prices at an affordable level, enabling us to share the work of Osho with as many people as possible. For many younger people it can be difficult to finance a stay at Osho Risk and the Scholarship Fund offers an opportunity for you to help them stay here.  This means they can experience commune life and learn about the transformational work of Osho by immersing themselves in daily meditations and learning how to treat work not as a chore, but as meditation.  By donating to our Scholarship Fund you will enable a young person to come and join our Living in Program and help us to run the commune.  Your support and their time helps us to thrive.


*400 Euro will cover the cost of one volunteer for one month.

Donate via Paypal or Credit Card To donate via Paypal, please use the “Donate” button.

To donate via bank transfer, please use the following information:

Within Denmark: Bank account number 6128-0011204538.

From abroad: IBAN-number DK3861280011204538, BIC-number (SWIFT-code) KRONDK22. 

Bank address: Sparekassen Kronjylland, Tronholmen 1, DK-8969 Randers, Denmark.

Please indicate your name and write “Scholarship Fund”. 


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