Summer Festival

11.07 - 17.07
with Sunahla & Leela

Between light and darkness – and including both – the body and the soul open to the multidimensional rainbow of your vital energy. 


Our festival is a colourful celebration; an exploration into the different shades of our inner worlds through various workshops and meditations. 


We will dance, and we will enjoy music and silence, movement, sharings and soft caring moments to integrate the body energy work and reconnect to presence – just as a shining sun-ray warmly embracing all the seven colours of the rainbow.

Workshops will be offered by friends in the Osho Risk community and include energy work, voice, body, creativity, healing, inquiry celebration. The complete workshop program will be shared once we are closer. 

Daily structure during the festival:

Morning Meditation      07:30

Breakfast                         08:30

Morning Meeting           10:00

Morning Workshop       10.30

Lunch                               13:00                                                                                         

Afternoon Workshop    14.30

Kundalini Meditation     17.00

Dinner                              18.00

Evening Meditation        19.00

Evening event                  20.30

11 July at 20:30 – 17 July at 17.00

Festival price: 2200 Dkr plus 390 Dkr per day for food & accommodation. 

EARLY BIRD: 1900 Dkr until 1st of May
Deposit: 800 Dkr

“Let your life be colourful, I don't want you to become colorless. No. I would like you to become like rainbows, all seven colours. And when all the seven colours are there, there comes a moment when they meet and become one. That is white light. This is a miracle -- white light can be divided into seven colours; and the seven colours of a rainbow if they meet together, if the alchemy happens, become white. When all the seven colours meet they become white, and when all the seven types of man meet they become white -- just a white light, and nothing is left.” - Osho

Sunahla (Denmark)  & Leela (Italy) 


Osho Risk
Bøgballevej 3
Braedstrup 8740 



(+45) 7575 2500


Reception hours:  

Monday, Thursday and friday

16.00 – 18.00

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