A spring celebration

13.04 - 18.04
with Sunahla, SANANDA & RAHIMA

Welcome to precious days together, moving deeper within and finding a sense of our own unique inner rhythm and flavor of the heart.

Following the rhythm of Nature, we let the light of spring move inside us, resting into our deep inner silence and awaken our hearts and bodies. Together we will explore our readiness to connect and rejoice in the new and play with moving our energy outwards, in joy, creativity, dance and togetherness. Getting a sense of how our own rhythm flows through us and how it likes to relate and connect. 


Each day we offer a different program as an invitation to move in your rhythm and practice sensing where your energy naturally flows and expresses itself, in a dance between the inner and outer, settling into our own truth of each moment.

The homely and heartful atmosphere of the Risk community offers a place to show up just as we are, sharing friendship, good food, nature walks and a variety of workshops to entice any heart. 


Friends of Risk will be offering workshops on topics such as voicing, drumming, meditative writing, deep inquiry, dance, meditations with live music, conscious touch, yoga and other forms of expression.


Daily schedule:


7:30                   Dynamic Meditation/Silent Sitting

8:30                   Breakfast

10:00                  Morning Circle

10:30 – 13:00         Workshop

13:00 – 14.30         Lunch break

14:30 – 17:00         Workshop

17:00 Kundalini Meditation

18:00                   Dinner

19:00                   Evening Meditation

20.30                   Evening event

13 April at 20:30 – 18 April at 17.00

Price: 1500 Dkr
plus 390 Dkr per day for food & accommodation.
Deposit: 800 Dkr



Osho Risk
Bøgballevej 3
Braedstrup 8740 




(+45) 7575 2500


Reception hours:  

Monday, Thursday and friday

16.00 – 18.00

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