Karen Hansen

I love that each session is unique and different and that I can be supportive in so many different ways.
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Karen’s massage and therapy training was completed at Kilden in Valby, Denmark 25 years ago. The Massage Training from Kilden uses similar aspects as MER training which is popular today.

Her Cranio-Sacral therapy training is from KST Institute in Silkeborg, Denmark. She has been practicing now for over 23 years: In her own clinic in Copenhagen, in Bali, Indonesia, in Arizona, USA, and now here at Osho Risk.

Available sessions with Karen Hansen

Craniosacral therapy/healing is for everyone. Each session is unique for each client. Having a session only requires for you to show up and you will receive the most relaxing, beautiful bodywork of all kinds….. It’s a gentle 5 gram touch from the sacrum up to your head, tuning in to your body’s needs. Each session takes about 1 hr with your clothes on or off, whichever you are most comfortable with.

Session price: 1 hr session – 600 DKK

Healing massage is a slow, deep connective touch that gives release to the deep tissue in the body. Under the treatment you will only be exposed in the area I am working on. Each session is about 1.5 hr.

Session price: 1.5 hr session – 900 DKK

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