Anju Bente Ravn

“Her skills, experience and very strong intuition create remarkable results.”

Anju has been a Manuvision Bodywork Therapist since 2008 and is also trained in Hawaiian Energy Massage and therapeutic massage. She is an MBSR educated Mindfulness teacher and is now studying to be a Mindfulness Master Coach. As well as giving sessions, she leads Life Energy and Mindfulness Meditation Groups in Aarhus and Jylland. She is a graduate of the Osho Risk Therapy Training and the Heart of Presence Training and has also trained in Gestalt Therapy. She was also a social worker with Family Therapy for 12 years previously. She is a wonderful dancer and lover of 5 Rhythms, the spiritual movement meditation that she dances every week.

Available sessions with Anju Bente Ravn

In this deep bodywork, you will receive a Pulsation Massage that opens up your breathing and supports you to relax and get in deeper contact with your emotions. It is a massage that stretches you and releases the joints. I offer you my presence and a safe and loving space, with touch that softens your tensions and relaxes your mind. As well as a direct, deep and conscious touch, that meets your blocks of repressed energy and feelings. It will help you to release and let go of pain and repressed emotions and allow a new fresh and soft aliveness to be available again in your body and mind. Sometimes your inner child may recognize these feelings and I can support you to meet and heal some of the wounds. We will have a communication during the whole session to support your awareness of the connection between your body and mind and the way you live.

Session price: 1 hr session – 700 Dkr | 1.5 hr session – 900 Dkr

In this Mindful Relaxing Massage, you will receive a very slow and mindful massage with oil. You body, nervous system and mind can relax and you are supported to tune into your natural grounding. You will be supported so your awareness can rest at your breath and in your body, accepting everything in you as you are, with love and kindness. This allows stress and controlled feelings and energy to release. It will support you to arrive in this moment with presence. From here, you can experience more clarity, calmness and trust.

Session price: 1 hr session – 700 Dkr / 1.5 hr session – 900 Dkr

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