Inner judge & Self-inquiry

This workshop is the first part of the Essence Training

You can join this part separately or as part of the training.

Part 1: The Superego & Self-Inquiry

The Superego runs our life through judgements, prejudices, standards, guilt and shame. By understanding how it functions, how it began, how it controls and limits our experience, we can learn how to defend against it’s attacks. You will then discover an inner spaciousness that can allow transformation and creativity. Self-inquiry is one of the main tools in the Essence work. It allows you to navigate your inner landscape and to more fully uncover and understandant your personality. this way it opens up for the possibility to be the master of your own life.

 06 August at 20.30 – 09 August at 17.00 

Course price: 1200 Dkr 

plus 380 Dkr per day for food & accommodation

Deposit: 800

About Anjee and Harisharan

Anjee has been Psychotherapist and teacher for over 25 years. She is trained in Essence work, Non-Violent Communication and Inner Child work. She is one of the founders of Osho Risk. 



Harisharan has worked as a psychologist and as a coach in group dynamics. He is also a professional musician and teacher. Osho´s meditations and guidance have been a part of his life since 1978 when he first went met Osho in Poona.


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