Roots & Wings

Creativity springs from our primary feelings, To go back to our roots and to our child, Connecting to our body is a great tool for this bridge. Dance and painting offers a more direct language. To find creativity both in painting and dance is to find the key to your spontaneous inner source. it is a great tool that you can use in your daily life, to make more roots in our body. When we do this we also become more open to the present moment, The mind mainly lives in past and future, but the body is always here and now. 

 ”This is what i will give to you wings in to the sky weightlessness give you these wings And roots in to the earth a grounding a centering” Osho.

10 September at 20.30 – 12 September 2021 at 17.00 

Course price: 2000 Dkr 
Deposit: 1000 Dkr

plus 380 Dkr per day for food & accommodation 

About Nirvi and Nishant

Nirvi is educated in Art-schools and in art-therapy. Trained by Meera for several years in Pune, India. 

Meera has conducted a synthesis between creativity and Osho´s vision. Trained in Star Sapphire, Essence work and Trauma therapy. Long experience with leading painting groups and with art-therapy for children and adults. Part of Osho Risk Buddhafield since the early days.

Nishant is trained as body worker and Dance therapist. He has been leading workshops and meditations on a regular basis. He also has more then 30 years experience in meditation. 


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