Osho zazen retreat

Take time out for yourself to go in

This is an opportunity for you to enjoy four days in silence; away from your usual busy life and to explore your inner world.

Osho created the Zazen retreat and the simple structure that supports it, around the

same time that he gave us the guidance for OSHO Vipassana.

The meaning of the word ’Zazen’: ’Za’ means sitting doing nothing.

And ’Zen’ means: in that sitting when you are not doing anything you fall upon yourself, you encounter yourself, you see yourself. The word ’zazen’ is beautiful. ’Sitting and looking into yourself’ – that is the meaning of it.

If you already love Vipassana you will be intrigued how the fundamentals of these two methods are the same, and yet the small differences, give a very different experience.

In Zazen you will keep your eyes lowered and unfocused, with your gaze resting just in front of you. Relaxing into your own being.

Each 25 minute session is followed by an awareness walk – “one mind walking”

Osho’s active meditations are a support for this silent group.

A man who has experienced zazen simply knows that whatever comes before the eyes is just phenomena, it comes and goes just like clouds come and go, flowers come and go. Everything in the world, except your being goes on moving into new forms. To find yourself is to find the center of the cyclone. The whole world is a cyclone, but once you have found your center the cyclone disappears.
“The Original Man” Osho

15 January at 20.30 – 19 January 2022 at 17.00 

Course price: 3500 Dkr plus 380 Dkr per day for food & accommodation.

Deposit: 1200 Dkr

Shunyo & Marco

Shunyo’s (UK) training in awareness began whilst living close to Osho for fourteen years, as part of his household.  She has been practicing Osho’s meditations for over 35 years, and now shares her experience, facilitating meditation courses and groups for women, as she travels to many countries.
She also conducts trainings for people who would like to teach meditation to others. Music, dance and celebration are an important part of Shunyos’s work, and this, coupled with her intuitive heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of spirituality, peace and silence.  Her book: “Diamond days with Osho” has been translated in eight languages.
Marco is a musician and seeker of the unknown. In 1979, he became a disciple of the enlightened Master Osho. Since then, he has been experimenting with sounds and music applied to meditation.
From 1995, he has been playing live for events and growth groups all over the world.  He has composed many meditations CDs available on this website. These meditations are ancient tantric liberation techniques.


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