New Year's festival
- choosing yourself -

with Sunahla & Leela

There is a place where past and future are left aside. Where mind, doubts and questions simply disappear. Yet real answers come from here and the future arises from this place. It is a power and a secret inside ourselves, available in the eternity of the present moment.


Exploring our body, breath, senses and voice, we will ground ourself in this place, into the fun and depth of this “now”. And from here we will – through various workshops and meditations – give space, clarity and energy to our priorities. Opening the heart, we will listen and celebrate what needs to be let go off and what needs to be chosen for the next step.


This festival will be a joyful meeting of new and old friends on the same “path without a path”, flowing together into the adventure of life.


Festivals at Osho Risk are an invitation for a deep and authentic meeting with yourself and others. The program offers an abundance of meditations, workshops and events from morning to evening, and you are invited to follow your own flow and choose for yourself each moment what feels right – sometimes going with the juicy energy of what is happening in the group room and sometimes going for a walk or having a cup of tea with a new friend (or maybe receiving a bodywork session from one of the amazing in house session givers).


You are invited to join us for a nourishing gathering with lots of dancing and diving deep inside, live music, delicious food and of course a great New Years party!

Workshops will be offered by friends in the Osho Risk community and include energy work, voice, body, creativity, healing, inquiry and New Year’s evening celebration. The complete workshop program will be shared once we are closer.  Daily structure during the festival:


Morning Meditation      07:30

Breakfast                         08:30

Morning Meeting           10:00

Morning Workshop       10.30

Lunch                               13:00                            

Afternoon Workshop    14.30

Kundalini Meditation     17.00

Dinner                              18.00

Evening Meditation        19.00

Evening event                  20.30

"Man is free to live and to choose. Man is a tremendous freedom; that is his innermost nature. Nothing is forced. Hence the beauty of the adventure, and hence the danger also. You have to choose. Your choice will determine your being, your choice will become your destiny. On each step, every moment, you have to decide who you are.
People come to me and ask who they are. It is not a question of inquiry because the being is not a static thing waiting to be discovered by you. The being has to be created moment to moment. That is the only way to discover it. You create yourself moment to moment. You are not born as a fixed entity, but only as an infinite potentiality. You are born as a seed, not as a tree. You are born open, not close. That opening is tremendous. You will have to choose every moment who you are going to be. Your decision is your destiny." - Osho -

27 December at 20:30 – 01 January at 16:00

Price: 2800 Dkk + food and accomodation 410 Dkk/day in shared room

Deposit: 1200 Dkk

Sunahla (Denmark)  & Leela (Italy) 


Osho Risk
Bøgballevej 3
Braedstrup 8740 



(+45) 7575 2500

Reception hours:  

Monday, Thursday and Saturday

16.00 – 18.00

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