MER Introductory Workshop

October 2 with ketu & Roland

What is Myofascial Energetic Release (MER)?

MER is deep tissue massage and bodywork, working with the myo- (muscles) and fascia (connective tissue). A session can also include breath-work, joint-release, assisted stretches and emotional work. Fascia is present throughout your whole body. Muscles, bones and organs are all surrounded by connective tissue. It gives your body shape, structure, strength and flexibility. If the tissue gets sticky, stiffens, shortens or thickens it limits range of movement, reduces metabolism and changes the posture and functions in the body. The result is chronic pain, fatigue, lethargy and lack of life energy (depression).

Through working with deep sensitive touch, breath and movement we release cramped muscles and connective tissue. We help the client make the connection between physical and emotional holding patterns and get awareness on the negative beliefs, habits and behaviour causing the spasms.

The effects are diverse. Body pain decreases, posture improves and you become less tense in body and mind. This allows you to better manage your own energy and your emotions, making you less vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression.

With a MER session the metabolism picks up again and oxygen, nutrients and energy can circulate freely through the tissues. Your immune system gets a boost, you will feel that you are more flexible and you can enjoy more freedom of movement. Deep tissue massage also stimulates the release of endorphins, the natural painkiller of the body.

What can you expect in this day-workshop

• On this day you will get an introduction to the principles and the science behind MER; how it works and why.

• We will demonstrate how you do a body-reading and how you put what you see into a session.

• Together with a partner you will get a chance to practice hands-on deep and sensitive touch.

• You will participate in a body-oriented active meditation.

• There will be opportunity to ask questions you about MER and about the MER training we will offer in Osho Risk starting in November.

Why should you participate?

• You get a chance feel what deep touch can do for you.

• You will meet the people offering the MER training.

• You enjoy a relaxed and healing learning environment.

• You meet other people interested in bodywork and personal growth.

• You can check out the atmosphere in the beautiful growth centre Osho Risk.

• You will learn more about how you can heal yourself and other people.


This course is open for beginners as well as experienced bodyworkers. MER can be done for personal growth as well as for learning how to give bodywork on a professional level.

Facilitators: Ketu Bø and Roland Engelbracht, assisted by Ulla Thordal
Date: 2nd October 2022
Time: 10:00h – 18:00h
Cost Course: 400 Dkr (including lunch and drinks)

For info and booking:

Ketu bø

Coming from Norway, Ketu went to live in the Netherlands as a young man. Under the tutelage of Veeresh Yuson in the Osho Humaniversity he trained as a Humaniversity therapist and bodyworker, running his own groups in the Netherlands as well as internationally.


Ketu is passionate about his work and has a profound interest in the connection between mind, body and soul. He is a Postural Integration practitioner, Osho Rebalancer, a MER (Myofascial Energetic Release) practitioner, Postural Alignment Specialist (Egoscue postural therapy) and a NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model) practitioner. 


Next to having his own therapy practice he assists MER trainings in Holland and France and teaches at Bodymind Opleidingen, a body-oriented school for therapists in the Netherlands. 


Roland worked as a graphic designer when he decided he wanted to find a new working direction. He trained as a Rebalancer with Satyarthi Peloquin and has ever since been an integral part of developing Myofascial Energetic Release, assisting Satyarthi in trainings in China, Poland, Greece and France.


Recognizing Roland’s exceptional talent as a bodyworker, Satyarthi asked Roland in 2019 to start his own classes in the Netherlands. The Dutch training has been very successful and Roland continues to educate MER practitioners there. In 2021 he developed MER 7 with Satyarthi; how to work with trauma within MER. Roland’s way of teaching is relaxed and warm, with a lot of humor.

Ulla Thordal

Ulla began her career as a bodyworker with cranio-sacral therapy and practiced this healing
modality for many years. In 2011 she started to explore the path of tantra with her husband and began incorporating tantra into her work with people.


After meeting Satyarthi Peloquin, the creator of Myofascial Energetic Release (MER), she decided she wanted to learn this work from him. Already fascinated by the body, she could sense the healing potential of working with the fascia and the nervous system in both adults as well as children. She studied with and assisted Satyarthi in numerous workshops in Poland, Greece, France and the Netherlands.


Ulla works full time in her private practice in Denmark where MER has become her main work. Shewill assist Roland and Ketu with the MER training in Osho Risk and continues to assist MER trainings all over Europe.


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