awake in Love

‘Every person is worthy of an infinite wealth of Love – 
The beauty of his soul knows no limit’   – Rabindranath Tagore

We can awaken in Love. In the freshness of the month of May, we will begin a new series of three retreats that invite us to move within the Essential substance of six qualities of Love. The direct experience of each quality brings its own gifts, and its own specific expression and support to Being. 


We may have left some valuable aspects of Love un-accessed due to the way we were brought up, in family or in culture, or we may have abandoned aspects of Love because, at the time, we thought they would not fit what we imagined was needed in a life oriented towards success or survival. In more than one way, we have certainly felt this loss. 


In these retreats we take time to let these important qualities through, and to begin their integration into your already beautiful heart. Can we allow our soul to receive, be fulfilled, passionate, or so wonderfully shaken that it dislodges the divine in and through us? 


In each retreat we will be saturated in the living qualities of two very specific Essential aspects of Love. Each will be enriching, not only for ourselves personally, though here it must begin, but also toward a world that is dying to know that it’s possible.

As your soul is lightened by the shift to Being, it is freed to receive the gifts that are meant especially for you. There are many.
Love finds us, deepens, delights and humbles us. At home with love, fear dissolves, and we are here, truly ‘seeing’ ourselves and others.
A heart like this is what is needed in the therapeutic environment and the simple calling for true Human Beings.
A heart like this knows how to listen and recognise what they are hearing. A Heart like yours.
In these 3 retreats we will:

– continue to vitalise and sensitize our systems towards the fine tuning of the circulation of Essence.  The capacity to sense oneself must become so refined that we can discriminate between physical sensation and the substance of the Essence of Being and then between the aspects of Being themselves

– educate the heart to the depth of its capacities.

– meditate in qualities of Love.

 – inquire into what arises in us when we are touched by various experiences of Love… issues, limitations, expansion, allowing what may have been in the way to be seen and heard.

– be precisely advised and supported by Essential Love in a living, creative and ongoing way.

Previous experience with Essence work and inquiry is required.  Each section of the series can be booked separately. 

Awake in Love  1 – The Essential Quality of Pink

When this quality of your Being awakens within we may experience ourselves as safe and come to know a level
of relaxation at a cellular level we may never have allowed before. An understanding of true Unconditional Love
occurs through this welcomed and welcoming quality of Love that has a great affect in our life.
Receptivity heightens naturally here.

Awake in Love 2 – The Essential Quality of Milk

States of Fulfilment and deep Satisfaction are often difficult for our conditioned adult selves to allow. We tend to block these states wondering if we really have done enough to deserve this level of nourishing contact. Here we have the opportunity to sense ourselves at optimum fullness when each cell in our body receives this goodness.

The first retreat includes The Essential Qualities of Pink and of Milk

25 May at 20.30 – 29 May 2022 at 17.00 

Course price: 4.000 Dkr plus 390 Dkr per day for food & accommodation

Deposit: 1500 Dkr

Awake in Love 3 – The Essential Quality of Merging Gold

Most of us have this Essential Quality as a faint memory or sense of delicious perfect union in mind when we
begin our spiritual journey.  But.. what is it really?  When we call on this thick honey like flow of Love, we can discover
what aspects of ourselves are met totally by it, and if there are any challenges. Meeting this quality of Love is
super important to the way we relate to ourselves and others. Can be a life changer.

Awake in Love 4 – The Essential Quality of Pomegranate

Rumi, Hafiz.. the great Poets and Mystics famous even to this day, are famous for their passionate expression of various aspects of love, and longing for the Beloved. Whether your meeting your outer lover, or the inner… when we evoke the quality of love called Pomegranate, we are in company with the flames of life and the wine of Love. We are drawn to that intense Beauty that is Loves flowering union. Tempered and Awake in Love.

The second retreat includes The Essential Qualities of Merging Gold and of Pomegranate

23 Nov at 20.30 – 27 Nov 2022 at 17.00 

Course price: 4.000 Dkr plus 390 Dkr per day for food & accommodation

Deposit: 1500 Dkr

Early Bird Price until 1st July 3500 Dkr

Awake in Love 5 – The Essential Quality of Black Intimacy

Imagine stroking black velvet and sensing the touch from your finger tips to the depth of your inner organ. Here, we can choose to share, but in contact with the essential substance of Black Intimacy, we do not need to be in anothers company to know ourselves at this depth. We become intimately comfortable with the unknown and enjoy our own pace.. in fact, love our own pace, sensitivity and connectedness. Gifts abound.

Awake in Love 6 – The Essential Quality of Living Daylight

In the Essential experience of Living Daylight, we are perceptive of consciousness itself which is, here, like
daylight.  When we awaken to Living Daylight, we are struck by the wholeness of life.. the goodness that washes
over everything.. a kind of Glory that is recognisable by its profound impact and your own presence in it.  
I can not say more.  But all will be made clear when we walk together here.

The third retreat includes The Essential Qualities of Black Intimacy and of Living Daylight

Dates to be confirmed

Course price: 4.000 Dkr plus 390 Dkr per day for food & accommodation

Deposit: 1500 Dkr

Each quality informs our soul… supports it in truth and substance. We can truly Awake in Love.

Price for each section:

Course price: 4.000 Dkr plus 390 Dkr per day for food & accommodation

Deposit: 1500


Previous experience with Essence work and inquiry is required.  

Each section of the series can be booked separately. 



About Velusia

Velusia’s life tapestry includes being guided to Osho in 1977, where she continued her practice in
meditation and the psychologies of awakening.


For the last 40 years she has been sharing and teaching in open formats, Teachers Trainings,
and individual sessions.


She was a primary Senior Teacher in the Diamondlogos Academy in Denmark and other
European countries for 19 yrs, and the European Teachers in Training guide for many of those years.
She considers it an honour as well as an art to walk with individuals unfolding to thebeauty and uniqueness
of Being.


The focus of the last few years has been in Contemplation and Mysticism, resulting in the flow
of much poetry, and inspiration for working in Spirit and Divine Love.


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