Inner Journey – 

Training for a new Life


With Tarika, Anam, Svagito,

Dhariya, Anjori and Leela

This Training will be a journey for you, who are curious to look a little deeper into yourself.


A possibility of getting a wider understanding about some of your unconscious life patterns that might have been blocking your life force. The training is also an invitation to be more compassionate with yourself and get freer to live the life you would like to live.


The training is basically a self experiential process but can also give useful tools if you are already working with people.

Some experience with bodywork and meditation, will help the outcome of this training, and we will ask for an interview with you before signing up.


One birth has been given to you by your parents. Another birth is waiting. It has to be given to your by yourself. 


2022 Schedule

Part 1: A Child’s Story – Deepening your understanding and appreciation of yourself 

with Tarika and Anam

04 – 09 March 2022


Part 2: Famly Constellaton and Healing Systemic Trauma

with Svagito 

22 – 30 June 2022


Part 3: Deepening Intimacy and Healing Relationships

with Dhariya and Anjori

06 – 11 September 2022


Part 4: Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork

with Leela

06 – 11  December 2022


Part 1: A Child’s Story – Deepening your understanding and appreciation of yourself 


A Child’s Story: Deepening your understanding and appreciation of yourself We all have a story to tell. So much of what we are living is trapped in our early experiences. In order to survive we needed to hide from the pain of that time and even tell ourselves a “different story” These days are about reading the story as it was, understanding what is valuable in that story and moving on to writing a new chapter of your life. The group incorporates primal structures, guided meditations, active meditations, communication exercises, open sharing, and Tarika and Anam’s particular way of reaching into the heart of the matter.’

Part 2: Family Constellaton and Healing Systemic Trauma


Family Constellation is an effective and powerful method to recognize family entanglements in the family of origin and in the present family. Most often, unexpected solution oriented interventions bring relaxation and understanding into deep human problem situations. This allows love to flow again between the members of the family and to the people who are important to us in our present life.


Working with the energy field of the family we begin to recognize many traumatic experiences. We learn how to overcome the effects of such experiences, support a physiological discharge and become disentangled from a trauma field that sometimes affects many generations.

In this course every participant will understand and experience family conditioning, gain insights and learn tools how to heal personal and collective traumas. We will examine the principles of a healthy parent-child and man-woman relationship and recognize the hidden dynamics in a family system. In the course the latest findings of Family Constellation and new approaches of working with trauma will be included. 

Part 3 – Deepening Intimacy / Healing Relationships 
This group is about discovering the wholeness within that is already there, getting more in contact with ones life energy, with the inner lover, 
bringing back projections, so we can start having more enriched and nourishing relationships on all levels: with ourselves, partners, friends, work-related etc ..
In this group we will get a deeper understanding and awareness about how our survival strategies are in play in all aspects of our relating. The teachings are based on OSHO’s vision and the Tibetan Buddhist Tantra. It is an energetic and meditative approach (not problem oriented), that brings understanding, awareness, space, and deeper acceptance. From here transformation and growth can happen. The connection with the body is an immense resource. With meditation and movement we will be opening up to the sensitivity to the flow of life/life energy in the body. From here we will naturally connect with the resources within, with possibilities of becoming more authentic. 
Meditation practise is a fundamental part of this group. We will be using Osho’s active meditations, heart meditations, guided meditations, meditations from The Book of Secrets, meditations from Tantra to balance the inner flow, within ourselves and also how to use these in our intimate relationships. Below some of the areas we will be addressing during the group / this module: 
  • Energy
  • Emotionality
  • Sexuality
  • Male / Female 
  • Love – Rising versus falling in love
  • Heart 
  • Meditation

Part 4: Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork


The Dance of the Opposites Each of us is born from the meeting of two polarities – both at a biological level in the union between father and mother’s chromosomes -and at an energetic level through the interaction between our masculine side and our feminine side. The whole existence expresses itself through polarities: day and night, life and death, and infinite others; their spontaneous alternation creates balance e continuous regeneration. Inside ourselves we have unfortunately lost this complementary rhythm between masculine and feminine components. Often the mind identifies itself with one side to the detriment of the other, unconsciously causing a series of compromises and issues that often lead to stress and tension in every life’s aspect. In this workshop, through the Star Sapphire male-female Energywork process, awareness exercises and guided meditations, we will reveal our inner relationship pattern, recovering balance and opening different perspectives. We will expand the space of Presence which naturally restores the flow and love between the two polarities. 



Total training price:  17500 Dkr, plus food & accomodation  390 DKr (53) per day.

Deposit: 5500 Dkr  to book a space on the training.
Payments Schedule:  Deposit to be paid before the training starts, then 3000 Dkr to be paid by the start of each section.

Earlybird Training Price:  15000 Dkr
, if paid before 20th of January

Our booking terms & conditions are available here.

* We offer a young person’s discount of 20% of the course price for those under 28 years, if you think you may be eligible then please let us know when you make your booking.

The Therapists

About Tarika and Anam

Tarika Glubin, MA Tarika has a Master’s degree in Psychology and has spent the better part of the last 40+ years helping people to enhance their quality of life. She calls herself an Osho Therapist because the primary inspiration for her work comes from the Enlightened Mystic, Osho. Her work combines meditation techniques with various therapeutic modalities. Her greatest joy is watching people learn to love themselves. Tarika’s group background includes facilitating the Freedom Process(AFH) for many years as well as Rebellious Spirit, Opening to Self Love, Osho Therapist: To the Heart of the Matter and several other processes which she had a hand in creating and developing. In her search for deeper understanding, she created the Transessence Technique (a tool for essential living) which she shares with individuals and groups around the world.

Anam brings a wealth of experience to his work with people. He has been sharing for the last 40 years all of what has been influential in his own journey. His expertise includes Primal therapy, BioEnergetics, Encounter, Emotional Release, Awareness Intensive(Who Am I) and Osho Active Meditations. Being born in Sri Lanka and educated in England, Anam has a very strong personal understanding about diversity and easily translates this to his work in many different cultural arenas. Anam presently lives in Hamburg, Germany. He splits his working time between groups in many locations and his co-directorship of People in Process( a management organization). Among the many things that Anam feels passionate about the first and foremost is his role as father. He is now the proud grandfather of two gorgeous grandchildren.

About Svagito

Svagito is the author of  three books that have been translated in many languages:

The Roots of Love, A guide to Family Constellation: Understanding the ties that bind us and the path to freedom

The Zen Way of Counseling: A Meditative Approach to Working with People

Osho Therapy

A new book on trauma healing is in process and will be available in 2022.

More information on Svagito’s website:

About Anjori & Dhairya

Anjori and Dhairya have been together as partners and fellow-travellers since 1998.
They have dedicated their lives to deepening their own growth and awareness. To support others in expanding their awareness and enriching their lives.
They have an ongoing training in supporting others and have over the years specialised in Tantra, Relating & Meditation. Their website for more information:

Meditation has been part of their daily practise over the last 25 years. They have lived in Osho meditation centers in India, Pune, in Denmark (OSHO RISK) and for 16 years in “The Osho Miasto Institute”, in Tuscany.
The Tantra that they teach has its roots in the teachings coming from the Indian Master, Osho. From the Tibetan Buddhist Tantra Teachings taught at Vaekstcentret and Tao. They are under supervision by Neel Fasting.
Their passion is to share how intimacy can rise through awareness of our Life Energy and how thanks to tantric meditations we can have deeper and richer relationships.
Together they have created various seminars:
The Alchemy of Tantra for Couples, The Alchemy of Tantra for Individuals, Meditation Retreats. 
They have developed a unique dimension of tantra and meditation in warm water.
Anjori has been trained as: Osho Divine Healer at Osho Multiversity, Pune (India), Subtle Body Healer, Body Worker, Essential Life Consultant and Heart Meditation Teacher and as Tantra Teacher from Vaekscentret.
Dhairya has been trained as an Osho Therapist, Relationship Counsellor, Pulsation- and Breath Therapist, Hypnosis and Meditation teacher at the Osho Multiversity, Pune (India). Childhood Deconditioning (Primal) Therapist, Essential Life Consultant and Heart Meditation Teacher and as Tantra Teacher from Vaekscentret.

About Leela

Amar Leela was one of the founders and conductors of the Osho Ki6 Meditation Center in Venice Lido for ten years. Now she is involved in the expansion of the Centro del Cerchio in Ravenna. Leads groups and training of Osho Neo Reiki, Empathic Communication and Star Sapphire male-female Energywork. She shares qualities of trust and self-acceptance, conveying to people relaxation in the present and ability to flow.



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