Heart of Presence

with Akhail Matthews

(Nishant Matthews)

3 Part Training

Heart of Presence Training is the art of being ourselves, Fearless Presence and Living in Attunement.  This training has its roots in Osho’s vision of The New Man/Woman.  The intention of the course is to offer counseling skills as well as a personal journey. Both of these are designed to empower people to be creative and offer a tender, yet fearless, heart to themselves and others. 

This course is for people who work with people or are planning to do so, people who have some previous experience with Risk courses, and for people who are looking for a personal journey that will bring meaning and direction to their lives and the lives of others.  Each module features inquiry, guided meditations, movement meditations in open space, and Psycho-Shamanic training. Even more, there is the gift of your own In-Tuition (self-teaching) coming awake. This training happens in the framework of the daily meditations at Osho Risk incl. the Evening Meditation.


Recommended literature: 
The Friend: Finding Compassion with Yourself by Akhail Matthews (Nishant Matthews)

Schedule Due to Covid-19, it is possible to take each module individually.



Part 1: The Heart of Presence

17 – 22 November 2020



Part 2: Maitri – The Golden Key

17 – 22 August 2021



Part 3: The Gift – The Art of Co-Creation

02 – 07 November 2021



All sections start at 8.30pm and end at 2pm

COVID-19 UPDATE BY Akhail Matthews

“As usual, the Presence training keeps updating to the present times we are living in. Although the material in itself—especially the Heartskills and meditative spaces—is essentially timeless, it is our passion to make the training something that fits to the life we are all living in these current times. This is to take full advantage of all the opportunities of these special times, and also practically give you something that is immediately available to be put into practice when you come home.

  1. The first thing to clarify is that the Presence training is going to incorporate the powerful possibilities that these Covid times offer us. As the light of the world can be going darker, our inner light can turn on stronger. We believe that there is enormous new light and clarity available to many people who are ready to look for it, and this new light will make a huge difference in the grace of how we live and how we can encourage others to live. There is an opportunity at hand that is bigger and more challenging than any we have faced before, and the training will show you ways to seize the potentials of this opportunity. It will also show you new, simple, and profound ways to re-work much of the burdensome negativity that is so generously offered.
  2. Knowing the uncertainty around travel possibilities that face us all, the training will be crafted to have three distinct modules, where each module will be complete in itself. Each module will support the next, but there is no need to require yourself to commit to all three modules when none of us knows what kind of travel restrictions and health care situation will be in place in the future.
  3. People who have done previous Presence Trainings will be very welcomed to come back to re-fresh their understanding and energy. There will be a lot of both offered, and you can come to a module or two or three and fit right in. Of course, in light of the way this Presence training addresses these new times, there will be plenty of new material to open your eyes and heart as well as a chance to re-discover many of the old practices that have already been shared.”

Part 1: The Heart of Presence 

Intuition Training & People Skills for a Changing World 

In this course you will learn a dynamic, inspiring way of journeying in life, and also of being of service to others. The foundation Presence you need is already in your heart. The skills we teach are the ability to activate your heart, so that your Presence can sense and see without the filters of the past. We invite the Heart that can in-tuit, or learn from within. This Heart is tender enough to find the truth that is inside each part of you, and big enough to hold all your diversity. In this heart you can discover the Big Picture of your life and in other people also. This is something like holding an acorn and recognizing the Oak tree that is calling. The Maitri heart can negotiate with the pain inside each of us, and turn it into honey. Frozen hurt can be gracefully unlocked; you can be a deep resource for others, compassion and true understanding can be born in your heart.

Module 1:
  • Discovering and centering in Fearless Presence.
  • Discovering the feel and potential of the Tender Heart.
  • Learning to Journey (Psycho-Shamanism).
  • Recovering the Ability to See and Feel the Soul qualities in yourself and others.
  • Taking your place as a heartful Creative person, especially in the tough times.
  • Skills for navigating the Emotional Cascade where most people get caught.
  • Making contact with your consciousness Team.

Part 2: Maitri – The Golden Key 

This module offers experiences of heartful awareness, in Touch, in Connection. The way to being in tune is Awareness. heartful awareness, kind awareness, simplicity – what is often called Maitri. Usually awareness is burdensome because it is cloudy with opinions and unresolved projections from the past. Such an unskillful awareness makes us self-conscious and isolated, more focused on the problems than the solutions. A Maitri awareness is clear and simple. It doesn’t need opinions to comment on reality, nor does it need to rely on yesterday to see what is here today. It remembers the Unity that holds us all together. You feel empowered to live from a place of connection.

In the Maitri Module 2, you will learn:
  • The feel of relaxed awareness.
  • The feel of Presence Being in Tune.
  • Shamanic skills for journeying into and through emotions (Psycho-Shamanism).
  • The experience of Being in Contact with Bigger Creative Fields of Love and Presence.
  • Calling back the projections that distort awareness.​
  • The art of releasing your awareness from past projections on yourself.
  • The art of releasing other people from the projections of the past.
  • Recovering the ability to see with fresh eyes, and feel with a mature heart.
  • Learning to gracefully respond with Maitri to the ups and downs of life.

Part 3: The Gift – The Art of Co-Creation 

In times of change, the tendency is to hold on for the security of the past. This holding on will keep us in a state of fighting against change rather than learning to embrace it, be-friend it, and co-create with it. When we recognize our capacity for Presence and its heart of Maitri, a whole new gestalt opens up. We can see, we can feel, we can love, we can step forward from these places and be creative with all the possibilities that are available. Many of our talents and resources come out of the attic and closets, and we have an opportunity to really live the kind of life that we are capable of living. And have a really good time at it!

In Module Three you will learn: 
  • The kind of self-respect you need to offer what is inside you.
  • To sense and offer the gifts that are natural to you.
  • To co-create with the larger fields of Conscious energy.
  • To immensely enjoy the “leela”, the play of life as it unfolds within you.
  • To sense your place in the New Man/New Woman shift.
  • To find guidance in the present moment, not the past.
  • To be available to the natural intelligence of the earth and nature.
  • To actualize the Trust that is at the heart of Osho’s teachings.


Price for all three sections: 


9500 Dkr (1293 €) plus food & accommodation 390 Dkr (53€) per day

Deposit: 2000 Dkr (272 €)


Remaining payment: 

The remaining 7500 Dkr (1020 €) can be paid in three installments of 2500 DKr (340 € ) by the start of each section.

Price for each section if taken separately: 


3500 Dkr (470€) plus food & accommodation 390 Dkr (53€) per day

Deposit: 1400 Dkr (190 €)

* We offer a young person’s discount of 20% of the course price for those under 28 years, if you think you may be eligible then please let us know when you make your booking.

Akhail Matthews (Nishant Matthews)

Akhail is an American therapist who specializes in psycho-therapy based in meditation practice.  He trained in therapy skills in New York, and then lived in the Osho commune in India, where he was taught the art of meditation and how meditative awareness can be a new foundation for therapy.  For over forty years since, Akhail has offered workshops, trainings, and individual sessions with the aim of sharing skills in the art of being Present with ourselves and others. He is author of the book The Friend which offers practical skills to bring wholesome attention within, to offer to our self the quality of attention that will encourage the Inner One to reveal and grow. Along the way, this book offers sensible, compassionate understanding to the state of separation we have inside.  It teaches a way of seeing that brings clarity and love. 


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