Hara - opening to the source of life

“These are the three centers: Hara – four finger widths beneath the navel – heart and head. The head is the furthest boundary – when you are the furthest from your being you are in the head. When you are closer to your being you are in the heart. When you are exactly in the center of your being you are in the Hara. And only through the Hara will fear disappear. Only through the Hara do you live for the first time authentically, honestly, without fear. And this life must be lived.” Osho

‘Hara’ in Japanese simply means ‘belly’. This energy center lies four fingers widths beneath the navel inside the body. It is referred to as the source of universal life energy, the power spot within your body. Japanese Samurai make use of its relaxed power and awareness in sword fighting. We use it for healing. In the Hara power, vitality and silence combine. The relaxed liveliness and confidence of a tiger and the consciousness of a Buddha combine to provide the clarity to live and act from the center. We clear from body and psyche that which hinders us on the path to our natural source of life. We find the treasure hidden within and no longer need to search outside for orientation and self-validation. Hara Awareness® work combines silence, presence and body awareness with ancient eastern wisdom and western psychological understanding. We will use hara and centering exercises and meditations. Deep relaxed belly breathing and movement from within, Katsugen Undo open for us the space of flow, of unity and total emersion in whatever we are doing.


03 June at 20:30 – 06 June at 17.00

Course price: 2300 Dkr
plus 380 Dkr (51 €) per day for food & accommodation.
Deposit: 1000 Dkr

Anando has been working as an Osho Therapist since 1982. With a great sense for humor she connects traditional Eastern methods of body awareness with Western psychological trauma work. She developed and lead the Osho Hara Awareness Massage Training at the Osho School for Centering and Zen Martial Arts in Pune from 1990 until 2001. Osho had given the name and inspiration for the Hara Awareness Massage along with some instructions and she developed the techniques. Presently she is working worldwide and at the Osho Uta Institute Cologne, Germany. There she is training people in Meditation and Relaxation Therapy and Sammasati Spiritual Therapy. She is Sannyasin since 1978.

 Anando is also trained in methods of Humanistic Psychology, Shiatsu, Breathwork, Bioenergetics, Qi Gong by Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang. She is trained in Seitai and Katsugen Undo by Mutsuko Nomura. She is a certified practitioner in Somatic Experiencing® trauma work by Peter Levine and a recognized naturopathic psychotherapist.

 She is author of the book “Body Wisdom” and of the guided meditation

CD´s: “Hara Meditation and the Hara Heart Meditation. Latest publication in 2020 is: “The Little Samurai Finds his Center” a book on meditation for children.



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