Freedom of voice

Welcome to a weekend of deep and joyful exploration of voice!

To meet ourselves and others through the voice is a juicy and vulnerable endeavor. For we must allow ourselves to be seen and heard. For many of us this is not an easy task, but with the help of sound we might discover how natural it is for us to actually allow our free expression. 

This expression will not be perfect or polished. At its essence it is raw and holds no labels and yet all facets of us. The wild, the soft, the ugly and the pretty. 

We embrace and celebrate both harmony and disharmony. 

Our voice offers us an honest reflection of our state of being, and can change from moment to moment. When we practice our quality of listening it will be able to communicate to us from deep inside. Giving sound from this space can be a very intimate experience.

This weekend will be a frame for discovery of what happens if we don’t judge our expression, but journey with it. 

Meeting our own fears and vulnerability with our sound. Meeting our own creativity and power with our sound. Letting what is alive within have a voice. 

This work is also FUN! It is goofy and playful. Energetic and freeing. You will be making sounds you might never have heard your voice make before. You will inspire others with your sound and get to know your own voice in new ways. 

Maybe you are completely new to voiceplay of any kind. We want to invite you to join from where you are. No experience is needed, only your curious heart and willingness to explore♡


The weekend will consist of an array of exercises that connect us to our body, help us free our voice and expression, and let us explore our own sounds. 

We will work with improvisation, voice journeying, healing aspects, meetings and connection to each other, grounding, stillness and sound, vocal challenges and different ways to approach them, playfulness, short solo moments in the group and more. 


We hold space for this work with deep humility and respect. The voice is a mighty energetic field and we are as much a student of that energy, only beginning to know what it means to surf the waves. 

Maximum 10 participants

From Friday 26th August 19.00 – Sunday 28 August 17.00

Check in Friday 16-18. Dinner 18. Meeting in the group room 19.00 

Price 1800 dkk + food/accommodation 820 kr in a shared room and 1320 kr in a private room.

Sunahla fell in love with the Roy Hart extended voice work about a decade ago, and is continuously exploring and studying how expanding our vocal capacities connects us to new (or forgotten) parts of ourselves. Allowing the ”forbidden” parts, the ugly, insecure and unpolished to roar has been a big part of her own healing journey.

Combined with her Osho-based trainings she offers a body-oriented approach that embraces the whole human range of sound and emotion. She is especially excited about the moments when we give up control and allow unknown sounds to come through, as if being sung by a greater force. 


Together we have been diving into sounds, meeting in great vulnerability and power. We have journeyed deep and come across many precious jewels in our own little voice laboratory, and are excited now to invite a small group into this space and to share with you from our experience. 

Joan & Sunahla

Joan Mala is a creative soul who loves to explore life and creative unfoldings. She is a songwriter and singer, creating music with spiritual lyrics, expressing what’s on her heart.

Her own voice journey has stretched the past 20 years, diving into different ways of working with voice and sound.

As a vocal coach she has a background in singing technique and loves to connect the broad spectrum from the technical approach to the free fall of letting our soul sing. The past years she has increasingly included more and more of the explorational and healing aspects of voice into her work, falling in love with the great potential of sound and voice and how we can use it on our healing journeys.


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