Essence Training
with Avikal, Velusia,

Anjee & Harisharan

The Essence Training is a six part experiential training (31 days) for people with experience in previous group processes and meditation, who are looking to expand their understanding of themselves and deepen their meditation. It helps to create an inner map about where you are and if you work as a therapist, where your client is. Many participants take this training as a follow on from the Osho Therapy Training. The training explores the work of A.H. Almaas and Faisal Muqaddam, pioneers in psycho-spiritual work who used an ancient Sufi map of consciousness, combined with modern in-depth psychology to develop a system that opens the dimension they have called ‘Essence’. Essence is often understood as a bridge between the spiritual realm of the Absolute and the personality of the ego structure.


The heart of this work is the subtle energy system of the Sufis, called the ‘Latifa’ and the way it connects to in-depth western psychology. It functions as a pathway to understanding our essential nature and towards retrieving lost essential states such as will, strength, love, value, compassion, peace and joy.


In this training we will explore the six main Latifas or dimensions of Essence. Each section will be devoted to working with a particular Latifa, each of which is different and has it’s own colour, quality and set of issues. The issues of each Latifa also provide a way to understand our loss of contact with the Essence, as well as a way to come in contact with it again.

2021 – 2022 Schedule

Part 1: The Inner Judge & Self-Inquiry with Anjee & Harisharan

6 – 11 August 2021

(You can join this part separately or as part of the training.)


Part 2: White Essence with Velusia

27 September – 3 October 2021


Part 3: Red Essence with Velusia

25 – 30 January 2022 


Part 4: Green Essence with Avikal

5 – 10 April 2022


Part 5: Black Essence with Velusia

14 – 19 June 2022


Part 6: Yellow Essence with Velusia

20 – 24 September 2022


All sections start at 20.30 and finish at 15.00. Please note the change in the order of sections due to covid.

Part 1: The Superego & Self-Inquiry

The Superego runs our life through judgements, prejudices, standards, guilt and shame. By understanding how it functions, how it began, how it controls and limits our experience, we can learn how to defend against it’s attacks. You will then discover an inner spaciousness that can allow transformation and creativity. Self-inquiry is one of the main tools in the Essence work. It allows you to navigate your inner landscape and to more fully uncover and understandant your personality. this way it opens up for the possibility to be the master of your own life.

Part 2: White Essence

The White Latifa, known as the Will Essence, has to do with a feeling of inner solidity, inner support and a sense of value. It is the relaxed confidence that comes when we are in contact with our Being. It is grounded, resourceful and committed.

Part 3: Red Essence ​​​

The Red Latifa, known as the Strength Essence, has to do with our capacity to be an individual. It brings the strength to separate from old structures that no longer serve our evolution and uniqueness. It is passionate vitality, enthusiasm and has the strength to go into the world with all its challenges.

Part 4:  Green Essence

The Green Latifa is known as the Essence of Compassions.  This Latifa gives us a profound understanding of and compassion for our ego structure.  It is the compassion and understanding that allow us to go deeply into our wounds and heal them.  It gives us the capacity to do the same with others.

Part 5: Black Essence

The Black Latifa, known as the Peace Essence, is the Latifa about our love of the truth and longing for peace. It is a very deep dimension of looking in and realizing a state of inner mastery. Here we face our concepts and fears about death and confront the main layers of ego defense.

Part 6: Yellow Essence 

The Yellow Latifa deepens the connection with the heart and is the Latifa of Joy, signified by the sun. It is also the Latifa of curiosity and innocence. When we look outside for what we need, for love, support and approval, we invariably encounter suffering, pain and frustration. Here we turn away from carrying the shame, guilt and depression that was in our family lines and turn towards the deep joy that lives inside us.


Total training price: 21600 Dkr (2940 €), plus food & acc. 390 DKr (53€) per day.

Deposit: 9000 Dkr ( 1225 €) to book a space on the training.


Remaining payment:

The remaining 12600 Dkr (17155 €) can be paid in 6 installments of 2100 DKr ( 286 € ) by the start of each section.


* We offer a young person’s discount of 20% of the course price for those under 28 years, if you think you may be eligible then please let us know when you make your booking.



The Therapists

Anjee & Harisharan

Anjee has been Psychotherapist and teacher for over 25 years. She is trained in Essence work, Non-Violent Communication and Inner Child work. She is one of the founders of Osho Risk. 



Harisharan has worked as a psychologist and as a coach in group dynamics. He is also a professional musician and teacher. Osho´s meditations and guidance have been a part of his life since 1978 when he first met Osho in Poona.


Velusia’s life tapestry includes being guided to Osho in 1977, where she continued her practice in meditation and the psychologies of awakening. For the last 40 years she has been sharing and teaching in open formats, Teachers Trainings, and individual sessions. She was a primary Senior Teacher in the Diamondlogos Academy in Denmark and other European countries for 19 yrs, and the European Teachers in Training guide for many of those years. She considers it an honour as well as an art to walk with individuals unfolding to thebeauty and uniqueness of Being.


The focus of the last few years has been in Contemplation and Mysticism, resulting in the flow of much poetry, and inspiration for working in Spirit and Divine Love.


A former director of the Osho School for Centering & Zen Martial Arts in Pune, India, Avikal has worked with Zen & Advaita for more than 35 years.  He now leads Zen Retreats & has been working with Essence since 1997.  He is the author of: “When the Ocean Dissolves into the Drop”, & ”Freedom to Be Yourself. Mastering the Inner Judge” & “Without a Mask. Discovering your Authentic Self”.
More information about his work can be found on his websites: Integral Being Institute: and Satori Retreat:


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