Energy is delight:
celebrating life energy

04.10 - 09.10
with Aneesha dillon

This group is a chance to celebrate our aliveness in all its manifestations; to live and give space to the whole rainbow of feelings and energies, light and dark, positive and negative, that flow through our bodies as expressions of Life Energy. 


  •  We will move our bodies, shake and dance to wake up what is ‘sleeping’ inside. 
  •  Breathing, we ‘fan the flames’ of inner fire and feeling.
  • We journey through the expressive and emotional energies of the Chakras, opening to a deeper flow of aliveness and feeling.
  • Softening into the heart, wings opening to the sky, and turning within, to be nourished by inner sources.
  • Meditations from Osho’s Book of Secrets will reveal the delights — the blissful heights, and the silent depths — of our own energy… Sharing it with others, we can celebrate the inner blossoming that opens doors to hidden sources of love, light, wisdom, and compassion.

04 October at 20.30 – 09 October 2022 at 17.00 

Course price: 3700 Dkr plus 410 Dkr per day for food & accommodation

Deposit: 1200 Dkr

Early Bird price: 3200 Dkr until 15th June

Aneesha is the creator of Osho Pulsation, a meeting of neo-Reichian breath and bodywork with meditation. She has also developed Tantric Pulsation which is rooted in the body’s natural capacity for pleasure and joy, and the spirit’s longing for expansion and stillness. She originally trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelly at the Radix Institute over 30 years ago, and in 1976 went to India to meet the Indian mystic Osho. Through her long association with Osho’s work she has developed a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western techniques for human growth and inner exploration. She leads workshops and trainings internationlally and has written the book “Tantric Pulsation: The journey of human energy from its animal roots to its spiritual flowering”.


Osho Risk
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Braedstrup 8740 



(+45) 7575 2500


Reception hours:  

Monday, Thursday and friday

16.00 – 18.00

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