Embracing Change
A Leap into the Unknown

Exploring the alchemy of the 5th Chakra

The subject of change causes ambivalent feelings and reactions in us. 

On the one hand we strive for permanence. It gives us a sense of safety and the feeling we are in control of our lives. On the other hand, we tend to get bored without new experiences. We have a need for daily news, we are excited about buying new clothes, we love traveling and exploring new places, countries, we want to make new friends and we want to know more about ourselves. 

Some of us request more change and some of us need more permanence than others. And then, life does not always ask for our opinion or liking, it brings changes to all of us, sometimes at a speed hard to bear. 

Yet meeting change does not have to be just accidental. Change is a natural part of our lives. Just by looking at the physical change process of our bodies throughout our lifetime makes the nature of change obvious and inescapable. 

What if we apply some curiosity here? Can we learn to embrace change? What difference can the individual make when change steps into her/his life unexpectedly? Do we harm others when we initiate change?

From the perspective of the 5th chakra (throat chakra) we are meeting an interesting duality: the known and the unknown. Both states are an intrinsic reality of our energy system and we constantly move between these polarities. As mentioned above, the known gives us safety, the unknown brings creativity and new discovery.

For example all scientific discoveries begin in the unknown. Creativity can only happen, if we leave the known behind and dare to make a leap into the unknown.

No matter which aspect of our life we are looking at, our relationships, our emotional world, our professional career … If we embrace the unknown we open up to our creativity and new possibilities, if we accept our need for the known, it gives us the roots and stability to grow our branches into the open sky.

This workshop wants to give space to explore the possibilities for change and at the same acknowledge our need for safety and permanence.

We will be using Gestalt and NLP structures, voicing, sharings, dance and meditations to deepen our sensitivity towards ourselves and others. We will especially focus on the heart chakra to support us on the journey. Bring your curiosity, there is an abundance of possibilities to be explored.

02 June at 20:30 – 06 June at 16.00

Course price: 3100 Dkr
plus 390 Dkr per day for food & accommodation.
Deposit: 1100 Dkr

About Prem Sugandho

I grew up in a small village in Germany in the afterwave of the 60ies. An exciting time to grow up. Though my immediate environment was very conservative, the energy of rebelliousness at school and university was strong and helped to not even enter the cage prepared for me.


I met OSHO when I was 21 years old and that set the direction for my entire life. Nonetheless it was also important to me to follow classical education and so I studied education, sociology and psychology and completed my University degree. The combination of OSHO’s teachings, meditation and western science has made my life and work rich and colourful.


I lived in India for over 15 years and when settling in Israel, where I am living until today, I opened an Institute for Inner-Alchemy and Meditation for my professional work. It has become the umbrella for the Chakra Alchemy trainings and workshops I am leading.


I live in the Israeli desert because the silence of the desert has always inspired my meditation. I love the cultural diversity of Israel. Czech Republic has become my base in Europe in the last 15 years. As a contrast to the desert I live and work there in a lush and green countryside environment. 


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