Dance of Seven Chakras

In this life-changing process you will dance your heart open, expanding your capacity for self-love, using the powerful process of Dance Energy Transformation, to transform your pain and negative emotions.

We will work with the chakras, unwinding the blocked energy that may be there in the areas of sex and intimacy, friendships and family, power , work, self-respect and how you express yourself in the world. Bringing light into your self-acceptance, creativity, meditation, and feeling of belonging in this world. Through breathing, feeling, and dance expression, you will be able to expand the gifts and essential life energies in each chakra – as well as allow and cleanse the emotions that may be clouding the clarity – and joy – in your relationships, work, and self-esteem. When you enter the energies of each of these chakras from a space of love and respect through the alchemy of transformation, you can uncover the beliefs and wounds of conditioning that are creating disturbance in your life as an adult. 

In this way you can learn the secret art of changing your problems into blessings and higher consciousness. Because of conditioning, with all the rules we have created for ourselves inside, we often remain ignorant of our own potential. 

Life has given us human beings a rainbow of different life energies to live – joy, sensitivity, power, love, imagination, emotions, intuition, intelligence – and all of this is part of our wholeness.

“One has to learn the secret, the art of how to transform energies. You simply give a direction and the same energy starts moving. And when there is a possibility of transforming anger into bliss, greed into compassion, jealousy into love… You don’t know what you are losing. You don’t know what you are missing. You are missing the whole point of being here in this universe. Give it a try.” (Osho, Yoga, the Alpha and the Omega)

11 June at 20:30 – 16 June at 17.00

Course price: 3800 Dkr
plus 390 Dkr (51 €) per day for food & accommodation.
Deposit: 1200 Dkr

About Maneesha


Ma Prem Maneesha was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple of enlightened mystic Osho, and devoted her life entirely to being in His buddhafield in Pune, India. Sitting with Him, absorbing His presence and teachings, and practicing His meditation techniques transformed her life. Out of this communion with the Master arose a new way, in which she was able to bring her experience with Osho and meditation into the work with dance. She has led groups and taught in Osho Multiversity in Pune, in Europe and in the USA since 1987, and is the director of the Osho Institute for Dancing. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA.


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