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Please also check each training for new terms, including the opportunity to join a training which is already in progress.


Beautiful young woman getting back massage at spa

MER Introductory Workshop
with Ketu & Roland

02 October




04 - 09 October




26 - 30 October




04 - 06 November


Beautiful young woman getting back massage at spa

MER Module 1: Back, Neck, Pelvis and Breath (Self Empowerment) with Ketu & Roland

16 November - 20 November



- CHOOSING YOURSELF - with Leela and Sunahla

27 December - 01 January


Take the journey of your life with one of our trainings. We offer three different trainings at Osho Risk, each spread out in sections over several months. In each one you will experience yourself in a radically new way, with many insights and new understandings.

You will see how meditation can create a space for therapeutic work and at the same time how therapy can take you deeper into meditation.

Our trainings offer participants a way to learn new therapeutic skills while going deeper into their own personal process. They are suitable for therapists looking to expand their skills and the depth with which they are able to work with people. They are also suitable for anyone who wishes to take a personal journey of transformation and exploration.

Our trainings are led by highly experienced Osho Therapists, who work internationally and are supported by Osho Active Meditations.​


Some experience with bodywork and meditation, will help the outcome of this training, and we will ask for an interview with you before signing up.


With Tarika, Anam, Svagito, Dhairya, Anjori and Leela

This Training will be a journey for you, who are curious to look a little deeper into yourself. A possibility of getting a wider understanding about some of your unconscious life patterns that might have been blocking your life force. The training is also an invitation to be more compassionate with yourself and get free to live the life you would like to live.


Many trainees of MER are already therapists and bodyworkers and want to include MER in their practise. Beginners are also welcome to come and learn this beautiful work. You can start the MER training with any of the 6 modules as all modules (except for the Advanced module) can be taken in any order.


With Ketu, Roland & Ulla

Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) training is a 6-part integrative healing modality. It is designed with to meet the increasing demand for bodywork practitioners able to work holistically with deep bodywork to meet the physical and emotional needs of their clients.

This training will give you a professional skill that you can use to work with clients, helping them significantly improve both their physical and emotional state of being. You will learn to activate the body’s natural ability for self-regulation and healing.


Previous experience with Essence work and inquiry is required. Each section of the series can be booked separately.

3 Retreats
with Velusia

The first retreat includes The Essential Qualities of Pink and of Milk.

The second retreat includes The Essential Qualities of Merging Gold and of Pomegranate.

The third retreat includes The Essential Qualities of Black Intimacy and of Living Daylight.


People who have completed a previous Essence Training can join any section of this new training for a special price. Mail us for more info.


With Avikal, Velusia, Anjee & Harisharan

The heart of this work is the subtle energy system of the Sufis, and the way it connects to in-depth western psychology. It helps to create an inner map about where you are, and if you work as a therapist, where your client is. Previous experience with therapy and meditation is required to attend.


Book a Session with one of our Osho Risk Therapists

Our therapists are available to give sessions to our guests to nourish and support their stay.  Sessions available include Somatic Experiencing & Trauma Healing, Inner Child/Primal Art Therapy, Counselling and Couples Counselling.  We also have many different therapies for the body to enjoy, such as Hot Stones Massage, Hawaiian Massage, Healing Massage, Reiki and Bodywork.  
For more information you can mail us at oshorisk@oshorisk.dk

Anjee Gitte Carlsen

  • Counselling Session
  • Inner Child Session
  • Couples Session
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Counselling Session ​

A counselling session can be a way to get more clarity around different issues in your life and a help to get more contact with your inner resources, like strength, joy, peace, compassion etc. According to the situation Anjee uses techniques from Essence work, Inner Child work, Voice Dialogue, emotional release or inquiry. ​

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

Inner Child Session

An Inner Child session can be a help to recognize more easily and take care of feelings and patterns coming from our upbringing, like low self-esteem, guilt, shame, fear and jealousy. By being able to care for your inner child, you will be able to navigate in the world in a much lighter and joyful way, and at the same time creating more healthy relationships. ​

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

Couples Session

In a Couple session, you will together look closer at the dynamic happening between the partners. You will get tools to communicate in a way where you can listen to each other and talk about “problems” without nagging and blaming. You will be able to see where projections and expectations are in the way for the love to unfold more. You can also get support for getting an easier flow in the sexuality, and how different tantric exercises can create a bridge between sex, love and meditation. ​

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

About Anjee

A Psychotherapist and teacher with over 25 years professional experience, with membership of the Association of Danish Psychotherapists (FadP), Anjee has also completed both Essence & Advanced Essence Trainings, Training in Non-Violent Communication, Inner Child Training and has been trained by Faisal in Diamond Work. She gives individual sessions and leads group processes both at Osho Risk and in her own private practice. Anjee has worked at Osho Risk since it’s beginning, being an integral part of the therapy program and management team. More information about her work can be found on her website – www.Anjee.dk

“I really appreciate the meetings I have with my clients and feel a deep satisfaction if my work can help people get more in contact with their true self and living a more light and joyful life.” ​- Anjee Gitte Carlsen

Anju Bente Ravn

  • Deep & Releasing Bodywork Massage
  • Mindful Relaxing Massage
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Deep & Releasing Bodywork

In this deep bodywork, you will receive a pulsation massage that opens up your breathing and supports you to relax and get in deeper contact with your emotions. It is a massage that stretches you and releases the joints. I offer you my presence and a safe and loving space, with touch that softens your tensions and relaxes your mind. As well as a direct, deep and conscious touch, that meets your blocks of repressed energy and feelings. It will help you to release and let go of pain and repressed emotions and allow a new fresh and soft aliveness to be available again in your body and mind. Sometimes your inner child may recognize these feelings and I can support you to meet and heal some of the wounds. We will have a communication during the whole session to support your awareness of the connection between your body and mind and the way you live. ​

1 hr session – 700 Dkr

1.5 hr session – 900 Dkr

Mindful Relaxing Massage

In this Mindful Relaxing Massage, you will recive a very slow and mindful massage with oil. You body, nervous system and mind can relax and you are supported to tune into your natural grounding. I will support you so your awareness can rest at your breath and in your body, accepting everything in you as you are, with love and kindness. Allowing stress and controlled feelings and energy to release. This will support you to arrive in this moment with presence. From here, you can experience more clarity, calm and trust.

1 hr session – 700 Dkr

1.5 hr session – 900 Dkr

What Anju’s clients say

“Anju is the best therapist I ever worked with. Her skills, experience and very strong intuition creates remarkable results. She “unlocked me” and released deeply hidden physical and mental blockages in me. ​Both me and my body trust her limitlessly. We invite her in and she enters with respect and pure love. Thank you Anju!” – Richard Jacobsen, Norway

“Thanks dear Anju, for an extremely supportive and deeply committed massage session. My body is so happy for this attention – I could release stagnated emotions and trauma without even using words! ​Your empathy and heartful presence makes me feel very safe – which is the best way to reach my deeper layers so release can happen.” – Anaelle Svensson

“When I came to Anju I asked her for a healing massage.  I had tried 6 different treatments to get rid of a very painful hip problem.  She persuaded me to let her go deeper into the tensions in my whole body and it was very painful.  After 4 treatments I already felt more mobile and released.  I am convinced that her treatments helped me because she “worked” with both my muscular tensions and also gave a safe space for all the painful feelings which I had stored away in that area.  I am very grateful for the professional and loving attitude she brings to her work, ​which makes me feel safe enough to open up so deeply and I warmly recommend her, especially if you are willing to go deep with yourself and your wise body.” – Silke Rønnow Jessen

About Anju

Anju has been a Manuvision Bodywork Therapist since 2008 and is also trained in Hawaiian energy massage and therapeutic massage. She is an MBSR educated Mindfulness teacher and is now studying to be a Mindfulness Master Coach. As well as giving sessions, she leads Life Energy and Mindfulness Meditation Groups in Aarhus and Jylland. She is a graduate of the Osho Therapy Training and the Heart of Presence Training and has also trained in Gestault Therapy. She was also a social worker with Family Therapy for 12 years previously. She is a wonderful dancer and lover of 5 Rythmns, the spiritual movement meditation that she dances every week.


  • Meditation Councelling
  • Reiki Healing
  • Healing with Tibetan Singing bowls
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Reiki Healing

This Reiki is for you who would like a deep relaxation of both body and mind. Soft touch. Loose clothing is recommended.

1 Hr – 500 Dkr

Healing with Singing bowls

The sound and vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls has been used since ancient times to relax body and mind and to open up for a deeper connection with our soul.

1 Hr – 500 Dkr

Meditation Counselling

Meditation Counselling is to support you to go beyond mind in your meditation. There are many ways to get lost and stuck where one ends up in situations where it is actually the mind that is trying to meditate. This is an opportunity for you to reach deeper dimensions in your meditation.

1.5 Hr – 500 Dkr

About Harisharan

Harisharan has worked as a psychologist and as a lecturer in group dynamics. He has practiced Osho´s meditation since he became a sannyasin 1978. At Osho Risk he gives meditation counselling and reiki sessions, and is one of the facilitators of the Essence Training. He is also a jazz musician and has performed for many year on the international jazz scene.

Nirvi Bennich

  • Star Sapphire Hawaiian
  • Healing Massage
  • Art Therapy
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Star Sapphire Session

This energy work method supports the inner essence of a person which is like a presence, a luminosity or an awareness of the present moment.  Star Sapphire intervenes in three important areas of life:  work, relationship and meditation.  Work, when it arises from relaxation is an expression of creativity.  If both the male and female sides are creative, they will be happy together and their love will be reflected in the outer relationship as well.  Meditation is the milieu, the relaxed watchfulness, within which creativity arises.  Star Sapphire treats the three areas as an interdependent circle and repairs any broken link in one area that is causing suffering in the other two.

1.5 – 2 hr session – 700 Dkr

Art Therapy Session

To use creativity in a playful way, to have a deeper look and a mirroring of where you are in this moment, working with both the conscious and the unconscious.  This session can also be a tool to come more in contact with your creativity.

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

Hawaiian Healing Massage

Hawaiian Massage is a massage form – a ritual from the ancient Hawaii, with lots of oils and music.  Relaxing as well as enjoying the senses and coming in contact with your body.

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

What Nirvi’s clients say:

“Dear Wise Nirvi! A wonderful & deep way to find a way back home to oneself.” – Anugita

“In my resistance – I found a way to go further.” – Marit

About Nirvi

Nirvi has been working with Art Therapy since 1991. She has a 4 year Art Therapy Education and has also trained with Japanese Artist Meera, undertaking 3 long trainings with her as well as assisting on many of her groups over the past 10 years. She holds regular groups in art therapy, painting and mediation at Osho Risk and all over Scandinavia. She has trained with Sagapriya in Star Sapphire work, as well as taking Psychic Massage Training with Sumito and has been practising Hawaiian Massage for more than 20 years. Nivri is a member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association – Dansk Psykoterapiforening (MPF) and is also trained in Trauma work. She regularly gives sessions at Osho Risk and also has her own practice in Vejle. More information about her work can be found on her website – www.Nirvi.dk

“I love to connect and to be creative with the client, ​​so that resources and new tools can be found to support their essence.” – Nirvi Bennich

Nishant Sundström

  • Psychic Massage
  • Dance Essence
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Psychic Massage

A Psychic Massage session contacts the spaces in the body that are in a ‘yes’ and supports letting those spaces grow.  It is a deeply relaxing and meditative massage and includes an energy reading.  You may also bring an issue that you want to look into if you wish.

1 hr – 500 Dkr

Dance Essence

Dance Essence is a movement session.  It is a way to focus on the body and to sense yourself through the movement.  It will support you to come home in the body, love your body and become very relaxed about it.

1 hr – 500 Dkr

About Nishant Nishant is trained in Psychic Massage and Body Dance Essence Training. He has been giving sessions for over 27 years and has also completed the Essence and Advanced Essence Trainings at Osho Risk.

Sangeet Flemming

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Primal therapy
  • Bioenergetics
  • Breath
  • Voicing
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This session will help you to relax into a trance state, in which contact with the unconscious layers of your mind is facilitated. In this state, you can become aware of past experiences that have a limiting effect on your life today, transforming the root causes of your unwanted habits.

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

Primal therapy

During this process, you look with fresh eyes at the way you were forced to create yourself in childhood, seeing how this may be hindering your ability to live in a joyful and authentic way, here and now, in the present moment. ​

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr


In this session, we use exercises and body awareness to focus on areas of your body that may be tense, painful or insensitive. The aim is to re-embrace these “forgotten” parts with a loving and understanding attitude, so you can feel your aliveness as a whole being.

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr


Here we are using hyperventilation to change your brainchemistry for a while, so that very deep memories easily can surface (“rebirthing”). You may also experience just a deep relaxation and new understanding of past situations, which fall “into place”. ​

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

Voicing ​

This type of session helps you finding and expressing your authentic voice from your roots, heart and vocal ability – be it the right words to the right person, sounds to release and heal your energy body, finding the joy in singing with freedom, or refining the expression in your singing voice. ​

1.25 hr session – 600 Dkr

About Sangeet ​Sangeet has been with Osho since 1979. He was educated as a physician and psychologist and later trained in a variety of psychotherapy, including Primal Therapy, Pulsation and Breath. He is a certified hypnotherapist and studied at the Institut for Avanceret Hypnose. He is also educated in stress management and coaching. Between 2001-10, he taught body-oriented psychology at a School for Relaxation Therapists. He is trained in facilitation meditation processes, including the Mystic Rose, at the Osho Multiversity in Pune, India.

Jivan Anni May

  • Healing Massage
  • Reiki Healing
  • Open Session
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Healing Massage

This session starts with a short guided meditation to tune into your body right now and then a sharing. The massage is an intuitive whole body treatment with oil which enhances blood circulation and supports detoxification. The healing pressure of the massage releases toxic tensions and pains and uses strokes, holding, rocking carrying and stretching. Jivan’s caring touch and conscious hands help you to feel so safe and protected, that you can surrender and let go. It is a very deep meditative relaxation.

1.5 hr – 600 Dkr

Reiki Healing

For this session you will remain clothed. After a short tuning in to your issue or intention, you will receive the caring, warm, healing energy of the universe channeled through Jivan’s hands. This will help you to let go of tensions, stresses and physical pains. Sometimes the body will release a shaking or tears, sometimes bliss and emptiness is felt. New or deeper insights and a feeling of one with the universal power of love can appear. ​

1.25 hr – 450 Dkr

Open Session ​

After sitting together and tuning in, Jivan will guide you into the here and now. Together you will explore what you want, and how to connect you more and more to the feelings in your body. These feelings may be from your childhood or may be more focused on your sexuality and you will explore what is held back in your body. The techniques Jivan uses include counselling, gestalt work, chakra-release, inner child work and massage. You will freely follow your energy to feel and have new insights, so that you can experience healing.

1.5 hr – 600 Dkr

What Jivan’s clients say 

“My massages with Jivan have been absolute bliss. She has a very caring and gentle touch and creates a beautifully safe space for the massage. Each time I have found myself just melting, disappearing and completely losing the ability to think. Then feeling an immense joy and well-being that lasts for days afterwards. Thank you Jivan!” – Laeticia, UK

“During the reiki healing, I felt it as if my ego disappeared!” ​- Wim Anubhav

“During the reiki healing my physical pain vanishes. Often I experience lightness like floating or flying. It is a tremendously fabulous feeling. When I leave, after the session, I am high!” ​ – Vagnie Quinyin

“In Jivan’s loving healing massage, I rested in a deep and peaceful relaxation, from where I feel nourished and rejuvenated.” ​ – Pratibha

“I have received reiki healing, healing massage and open sessions with Jivan several times. She creates an atmosphere of love and presence that supports me to let go. Combined with her hands and heart, I felt relieved both on the physical and emotional level. Her great experience is felt and gave me the possibility to go deeper. I often need to go through the body to release and understand what I’m in, which her sessions are fabulous at. I can only recommend her.” – Deva Amina

About Jivan

Jivan has been a Bodyworker for over 30 years and has been trained in many different techniques including Reiki 1 & 2, Psychic Massage, Traditional Ayurvedic Massage, Body Awareness, Pulsation, Sexuality, Meditation and Body Awareness. She has also studied Psychology. She previously had her own clinic in Odense, providing individual sessions and meditation classes and has many years of experience as a meditation and group leader in Denmark and at Osho Risk. Jivan now gives sessions both in Risk and in her private practice. She also teaches relaxation and mindfulness at the Sport and Fitness Centre in Brædstrup, as well as coordinating and leading meditations at Osho Risk.

“These sessions are now a kind of love affair. The healing energy is going through both the client and me.” – Jivan Anni May

Pavitra Athley

  • Essence Work
  • The Heart of Being
  • Open Sessions
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Essence Work Integration

This is for people who have done some essence work and would like support for embodying and integrating the essential qualities in their daily life. In the sessions you will have an opportunity to look at how these specific qualities are showing up or being experienced as lacking in your day to day life. You will gain deeper understanding and find ways to support yourself in the unfolding and realization of these qualities. Qualities of your being such as strength, inner support, value, joy, love and peace will become more trustworthy resources in your daily life. Your inner guidance will become a ‘friend’ that you can turn to in challenging life situations.

1 hr – 600 Dkr

The Heart of Being

In this session you will be guided deeper into yourself verbally and non-verbally, supporting you to relax in your body and come ‘home’ in your heart. It may include some gentle and healing touch. You can bring an issue that you wish to look into or just see what is unfolding. This session is a beautiful and nourishing way to land in yourself when arriving at Osho Risk, in preparation for a group or training. It is also a way to integrate after an intense group experience.

1 hr – 600 Dkr

About Pavitra

Pavitra was trained to give Essence Sessions and to facilitate groups in Essential Living by Diamond Logo teachers Faisal Muqqadam, Velusia Van Horssen and Jeremy Cline in Copenhagen. She has attended many retreats covering different aspects of the Essential and Absolute Realm. She is a Psyco Motoric Therapist and has studied Humanistic Body-Psycho Therapy. She is also trained in Esoteric Science, Metaphysical Reading, Aurosoma Therapy 1 & 2 and Prana Healing. She has been a Bodyworker for more than 30 years and previously led meditation and Essence groups.

“I love meeting people being to being, heart to heart and exploring what is our true nature. Meeting in what we really are and looking at our deepest potential as human beings ​and supporting others to find their true inner guidance.” – Pavitra Athley

Karen Hansen

  • Cranio sacral therapy 
  • Healing Massage
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Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sakral session provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, releases stress, increase resiliency. If you suffer from back pain, pelvic joint pain, headache, Whiplash, Stess. Concetration problem and many other problems. Cranio Sakral treatment for adults, Children and Babies.

1 hr – 600 Dkr

Healing Massage

Healing massage gives you physical, and spiritual healing and well-being.

1 hr – 800 Dkr

About Karen


We invite you to create your own personal meditation retreat at Osho Risk.  We offer several different packages, which include meditation and therapeutic sessions. They are available all year round, but we also have specific packages at different times of the year which are often hosted by a guest therapist. These packages are flexible, if you want to stay longer, shorter, or have other needs, we can design your stay accordingly.

Each day, we offer three different meditations; Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation and Evening Meeting, as well as delicious vegetarian food and the enjoyment of the surrounding nature.  We have a wonderful selection of therapies to choose from to nourish your body and mind.  You will be provided with your own private room and our community of meditators is here to connect with, in whichever way you prefer, be that with silence or friendly communication.  Please do get in touch to discuss what you need.


This retreat is designed for those who long for silence and wish to go deeper into meditation.  It can also be used as a space to retreat into your own private work, for example if you are writing a book.

  • 3 daily meditations
  • 5 days in a private room
  • Delicious vegetarian food
  • Price 2.600 Dkr inclusive 


For those who need support in taking a break from the stress of life, while relaxing and unwinding. A personal healing retreat combining meditation with therapy and/or massage, offers the perfect solution.

  • 3 sessions of your choice – either massage and/or therapy
  • 3 daily meditations
  • 5 days in a private room.
  • Delicious vegetarian food.
  • Price 4.200 Dkr inclusive


Our popular festivals are a great way to come and experience Osho Risk in a friendly and lighthearted way.  Our festivals have a variety of workshops, including bodywork, inquiry, dancing and lots of meditation and celebration.  With good food, new friends and our amazing buddhafield. 


27 December - 1 January




The worldwide lockdown in 2020 triggered by the Covid 19 pandemic inspired us to develop a weekly program of Zoom sessions.

Starting over a year ago, we have been pleasantly surprised to discover that these sessions keep us all connected during these challenging times.
Feel free to join in one of our Zoom sessions or as many as you wish. They are free if charge.

The link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5485251053 

Meeting ID: 5485251053 
(no password is needed)

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Within Denmark: Bank account number 6128-0011204538.
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