Body Energy Training

with Dwari, Aneesha & Moumina

4 Part Training

This training can be taken for use in your professional sphere as a bodyworker or therapist, or as a personal intensive. You will acquire new skills for dealing with stressful life situations, finding new inspiration for working as a therapist or professional leader, making friends with your body to illuminate your vision for living your life.

You will learn:

  • Exercises to encourage emotional release and enhance sensitivity.
  • Body theory inspired by Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen
  • TRE exercises for releasing trauma in a safe environment
  • Tantric Pulsation techniques
  • Body awareness methods
  • Understanding of the 7 energy chakras
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques

This training complements other Osho Risk trainings such as Essence and Heart of Presence

2020 – 2021 Schedule

Part 1: Natural Breathing with Dwari 

28 July – 2 August 2020 (completed)

Part 2: Trauma Release Bodywork with Moumina

20 – 25 July 2021

Part 3: Tantric Pulsation with Aneesha

12    17 October 2021

Part 4: Body Love with Moumina

30 November – 5 December 2021

Part 1: Natural Breathing

We need healthy, deep and natural breathing to be able to handle the massive challenges of physical and mental stress in everyday life. Breathing is the most vital force in our lives and when breath can flow freely and spontaneously through the body, we feel healthy, alive and vitally connected with our inner strength. Through emotional expression, we can open fully to be sensitively touched in our human relating. In this module, we create a safe space from where you can experience deeply what it is to be in your body in a natural and relaxed manner.

Part 2: Trauma Release Bodywork

Often people live with symptoms of survival threat, even when their daily lives are relatively safe. Whether you have suffered from physical trauma or childhood trauma, emotional trauma, or are simply looking for a way to re-balance from the normal stresses of everyday life, re-connecting with the body is the way to healing and inner connection. Moumina will use TRE, deep breathing sessions, Pulsation, dance, and Yoga Nidra relaxation to open the inner pathways to vitality and sensitivity.

Part 3: Tantric Pulsation

Using deep breathing and neo-Reichian body exercises, we will re-vitalize the body’s seven muscular segments by loosening the tensions and the muscular armoring in the areas around each chakra. As energy become freer, we are more available to create, to celebrate, to relax and be silent. For those who work with people and are looking for ways to integrate body and breath work into their practice, a whole array of exercises and practices will be taught in these days, that can enhance your skills.

Part 4: Body Love ​

Having a deeper contact with our bodies, and knowing a way to deal with personal trauma, moving through the path of body pleasure and joy, we will focus on the application of what we are understanding in this body-oriented work. We look at ways to bring this new awareness into our daily lives. If you work with people, there will be an opportunity to see where this can be applied with clients.


Total training price:  14300 Dkr (1950 €), plus food & acc.  390 DKr (53) per day.

Deposit: 4300 Dkr ( 585 €) to book a space on the training.
Payments Schedule:  Deposit to be paid before the training starts, then 2500 Dkr (342 €) to be paid by the start of each section.

Earlybird Training Price:  12800 Dkr (1750
€), if paid before 1 March 2020

Our booking terms & conditions are available here.

* We offer a young person’s discount of 20% of the course price for those under 28 years, if you think you may be eligible then please let us know when you make your booking.

The Therapists


Dwari has been working as a therapist for over 30 years and has been a disciple of Osho since 1977.  ​She has been trained in Breath Therapy, Rebirthing, Bioenergetics, Primal Work and Counseling, Tantra and Energy Work, Family Constellation, as well as Somatic Experiencing.  She is a trainer in the Osho Breath Energy Training and teaches Family Constellation in different international therapy institutes.  Her work with people focuses on inner transformation and holistic healing.  


Moumina has been working as a therapist for more that 30 years leading workshops and trainings internationally, as well as at Osho Pune. She studied dance therapy in London and is trained in Bioenergetics, Neo-Reichian Bodywork, Pulsation, NVC, Primal, Family Constellation and is a certified TRE provider.


Aneesha is the creator of Osho Pulsation, a meeting of neo-Reichian breath and bodywork with meditation. She has also developed Tantric Pulsation which is rooted in the body’s natural capacity for pleasure and joy, and the spirit’s longing for expansion and stillness. She originally trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelly at the Radix Institute over 30 years ago, and in 1976 went to India to meet the Indian mystic Osho. Through her long association with Osho’s work she has developed a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western techniques for human growth and inner exploration. She leads workshops and trainings internationlally and has written the book “Tantric Pulsation: The journey of human energy from its animal roots to its spiritual flowering”.


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