Awakening the body

In this workshop, inspired by continuum movement, we focus on the intelligence of the body and its natural ability to take us to the very depths of our souls. Through breath, sounds and wave motion, open ourselves to become like water. In this way, we send ripples of nourishing frequency to our being.

So, we enter fully, sensually and with love, our beckoning inner river, allowing ourselves to dissolve into the welcoming water: sinking in, silencing our mind, until we become the fluidity in ways that re-opens us to softness, tenderness and presence. In this spaciousness, we find the heart of our belonging. We arrive home, honouring this gift of being human, connected, empowered, embodied.

As Osho once said: “Be like water, soft, feminine – and victory is yours!”

Awakening the Body is useful for psychotherapists and people who wish to learn a more embodied approach to therapeutic work, especially in relation to healing non-verbal layers of the psyche. Can also be used for those who wants to connect deeper with the body.

29 April at 20.30 – 1 May 2022 at 17.00 

Course price: 1.500 Dkr plus 390 Dkr per day for food & accommodation

Deposit: 600

About Ameyo:

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